Monday, November 24

Soldered Christmas Charms

Today I finished my charms for the soldered Christmas charm swap that Denise organized . . . and I finished them early! They are two-sided trinkets, so there is a star on the beveled side of the charm and a snip of arborvitae from my neighbor's trees (shhh) and the word "joy" on the other. Each also has a little snowflake dangling from the jump ring, although only one has it attached in these photos.Participants in this swap each made 16 charms -- 15 to trade and one to be added to a bracelet or necklace that will be sold on eBay with the proceeds going to A Place to Bark.
I used copper and black patina on the finished charms, because I happen to like a distressed look, and also because my soldering is not so great and the patina goes well with that. I had fun though, and I think I'll continue playing with the soldering iron and torch.

If you hear that my house burned down, you'll know what happened.


  1. oh yeepie... i'm in that trade... tic toc tic tock... i still need to make get to your charm and your charms miss leslie!

    the fan

  2. Hey cutie -
    Love the charms you made - how fun!
    Also enjoyed the last couple of photos of your grandson - great pics!!

    How are you?? Ready for the holidays?

    I would more in the mood if it were cooler here. Last couple of days it was in the high 70's - don't feel much like decorating a tree in the heat.

    keep in touch,


  3. delicious! these will be a joy to those who receive them. : D

  4. Oooohhh!!! Those are gorgeous!!!
    What a surprize, please let me know when they go on auction and I will post to my blog:)
    Blessing & Light to you..

  5. oooohhh, these are nice, leslie! i love each side (and the patina)... and REAL arborvitae!

  6. oooooowwwwww!

    these are SO yummy
    that i think you should make
    TONS of them
    {{ or say, maybe 8 }}
    send them
    on ~~Holiday Cards~~
    to all
    Your Friends...


    ...just a suggestion,
    Your Friend,

  7. OH! oH! Oh!!! I wish I lived near by!!! I would haunt you daily on the pretext of coffee or a cosmo (depending on the time of day) and would inherently look over your shoulder as you made these precious treasures!!
    I have charms I'm supposed to be doing also... and yet here I sit looking at your lovely blog!
    And if your holiday cards are going to have little additions of Joy on them, add me to your list!!!

  8. Wow! Those are wonderful. I really like them! Truly charming.

  9. oh Leslie - these are wonderful!
    I'm with spf - oh YES!
    nothing like a little pressure
    yes they are lovely
    you are amazing!

    xox - eb.
    ps - I get dibs on you living next door!

  10. Lucky Be the
    women who receive your lucky and BEAUTIFUL charms Leslie!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    So thankful we have met!

  11. these are SO cute! love the patina a lot!

  12. Your Christmas charms are just beautiful... I also love the distressed look. These are wonderful little treasures! Roxanne

  13. These are amazing! I've tried this with no success. I'm calling you for tips!

  14. How

    And I trust from the later post that your house didn't burn down?

    I had a saga about soldering a few months ago. I've been afraid to try again...

    These are really cool!

  15. Your charms are incredible! LOVE that you used your neighbor's real arborvitae. Very inspired...and your secrets safe with me. :-)