Wednesday, December 24

In Case Santa Was Wondering . . .

Nice. Not naughty. (And a pretty fair walker.)Definitely naughty. (Okay, an excellent walker, but he's had many years of practice.) Still naughty.

Monday, December 22

Oh Joy . . .

. . . and shopping, and wrapping, and baking, and traveling, and shipping, and decorating, and . . . I'll see you soon.

Merry, happy.

Saturday, December 13

Rainy Day Friend

I posted this photo on my other blog, but I thought that many of you might never get there, and I think this picture is so cute. I love these guys and their sweet relationship.

Thursday, December 4

Christmas projects

I decided a month or so ago, that I would make many of the presents I hand out this Christmas . . . as well as the cards I send.The problem is that I didn't start making these things until recently.I bet you all knew that there are less than three weeks before Christmas.I'm pretty good at ignoring obvious things like that. (Thank you, Stephanie, for the inspiration -- and instructions -- to make the portrait pendants above.)But, I do my best work under pressure.It's a good thing.

Wednesday, December 3

A Day of Sharing Music

LK is doing it again. She's hosting another day of sharing words, but today they are words set to music. Eva Cassidy had an extraordinary voice. Sadly, she died at 33 of bone cancer. She released only two albums, on local labels, before her death. She probably never knew how good she was.

Run over to LK's to see the music others are sharing.