Thursday, December 4

Christmas projects

I decided a month or so ago, that I would make many of the presents I hand out this Christmas . . . as well as the cards I send.The problem is that I didn't start making these things until recently.I bet you all knew that there are less than three weeks before Christmas.I'm pretty good at ignoring obvious things like that. (Thank you, Stephanie, for the inspiration -- and instructions -- to make the portrait pendants above.)But, I do my best work under pressure.It's a good thing.


  1. OMG, you do GREAT work under pressure! Now I understand your audible gasp at my mention of Christmas this evening. I'm thinking you're doing great, and the cards are perfection!!!!!

  2. gasping as well
    moving on too
    not sure how it will mix
    lovely as always Leslie
    you got the touch

    I'm thinking kitchen dancing

    xox - eb.

  3. It's just as well you do your best work under pressure - Christmas is nigh. Absolutely love your work.

  4. stunning Leslie - amazing card and pressies.

  5. Leslie, you have been one busy lady! Beautiful work, my friend!

  6. I like the fire extinguisher in the back ground. I solder without one-- not that I solder often. But when I do, I do it on the edge!!! (No really, just a really big ceramic tile.)

    Outstanding work Leslie. I will have to remember not to fear taking Stephanie's class next A&S.

  7. I love your work! The stuff your creating right now is the stuff I completely LOVE!

    BTW, I thought of you today! I went to my orthodontist and the technician is a gal that reminds me SO much of you! Very lovely and she just has this kind light to her. Oddly enough, when I met her for the first time (the first time she tortured my teeth! LOL!), she said I looked familiar to her! That's the Universe for ya...

    Big hugs...and hope you're having a lovely season. :-)

  8. oh, my. These are scrumptious! Thank you for your very generous comment on my blog.

    I love what you've done here. I'm still a bit scared of doing metal, but even under pressure, look what you've done with it! Cool.

  9. Leslie,
    These are beautiful! the tiny portraits!!

    AND I just love seeing the multiples.


  10. Those are all wonderful. Can't wait to see photos of all the final products. Happy Holidays!

  11. I can relate...and like you I work best under pressure.
    I will be counting down to Christmas starting on the 12th with my I have to be ready by then.

  12. Leslie - beautiful work, you are such a gifted and talented lady.

    Merry Christmas


  13. These little beauties are fabulous, I'm still trying to perfect the technique, maybe I need to do them under pressure.

  14. lol, i'm with ro! maybe i've just never been under enough pressure while soldering...

    everything is sweet SWEET, leslie!

  15. Hi Leslie,
    Lucky be the ones who get to receive one of your BEAUTIFUL cards or gifts! ;-).
    You're always up to something amazing and artistic. Love your work so much!
    The pendents turned out GREAT!

  16. PS
    Yes to working under pressure. It's the only way for me to get things done!

  17. wow, i could only wish to churn out such lovelies!!!

  18. all good... all so very good! your bezels are tops and that card is so you.

    happy holiday!
    the fan

  19. Your portrait pendants are Fabulous, and is that your CHristmas card? I wana be on your mailing list!! Beautiful....

  20. What a fantastic job you've done! Lucky recipients!

  21. These are so Lovely. I especially love the way you have attached the slide to the card and the mica wings. Enjoying the Beauty of your Photography also.

  22. WOW I love the Bezels I too have tryed to perfect these to no avail.
    I Love your cards just gorgeous.
    You best work under pressure alright stunning Leslie
    Merry Christmas to you

  23. Happy New Year Leslie....How thrilled your friends and family must have been to receive your beautiful cards and pendants. Lucky them. Joy