Wednesday, December 3

A Day of Sharing Music

LK is doing it again. She's hosting another day of sharing words, but today they are words set to music. Eva Cassidy had an extraordinary voice. Sadly, she died at 33 of bone cancer. She released only two albums, on local labels, before her death. She probably never knew how good she was.

Run over to LK's to see the music others are sharing.


  1. I love Eva Cassidy Leslie. I've had her CD's for years... he has such a beautiful voice, it's sad that her life was cut short. Thanks for the reminder to load some of her music onto my iPod.

  2. So sad that she is no longer with us. Truly a beautiful voice. I had never heard of her, so thanks for sharing her music, Leslie.

    I had a really nice time today. My belly is STILL full. Loved the bookstore, lunch, your home, your DOGS, YOUR STUDIO........Jack, too :-)

  3. I left a post at your Chrismtas o7.
    I'm sharing songs too....and I have dolls I just made on my Nov. 15 or so post on my blog....oh the dolls ...I am in love with them.

  4. I have her cd - do you want to borrow it?

  5. ok - now where
    is my Eva Cassidy cd?
    I love her!
    looking now

    once again...
    you know

    xox - eb.

  6. you know darlin'
    she looks like you
    you look like her
    what a voice
    thanks for the reminder
    loving this songbird
    missing you
    you were here
    a year ago
    and it was snowing...

    xox - eb.