Wednesday, January 28

Velvet shoes

"We shall walk in velvet shoes . . . we shall walk in the snow."
—Elinor Wylie

Sunday, January 18

Must Love Dogs

Yep. If you're going to attend this special event - a certain boy's first birthday party - it would help if you loved dogs. Because he does. Always has.I've been working on a crown for the big event.It's good to have a party that all your best friends attend.I've also been putting the finishing touches on my vintage Halloween round robin.

Wednesday, January 7

After Christmas . . . Halloween!

Wait . . . You might think that I skipped a few holidays, but not if you're working on the schedule of this girl. She has a plan. So, that's my plan too. I'm working on Halloween. I was thrilled to be invited to participate in a round robin with Dede and friends.Boo!

Monday, January 5

Sunshine and Salvation . . .

A little bit of sweet Florida sunshine was delivered to my doorstep this afternoon.Well, a lot of sunshine actually.There is nothing more refreshing than a Honeybell. Did you know that these luscious yummies are a cross between Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerines? I didn't either.They're only available in January though, and then they're gone.Sometimes they hang around until February -- early February -- but you should get them now. You won't regret it.Just in time to help me battle this monster.