Sunday, January 18

Must Love Dogs

Yep. If you're going to attend this special event - a certain boy's first birthday party - it would help if you loved dogs. Because he does. Always has.I've been working on a crown for the big event.It's good to have a party that all your best friends attend.I've also been putting the finishing touches on my vintage Halloween round robin.


  1. Oh Leslie, I aDoRe the crown and can see it perched on his little head. I do hope you'll share photos of that as well.

    I also am excited to see your book arrive at my door, as well as all the others. I've been madly working on mine as the focus has changed yet again, and I love the new directions it's taken.

  2. Crimany...that crown is ADORABLE...and his pals...priceless! This post made me smile :)

  3. Awwww...ADORABLE! Isn't it amazing how Kiran grew up so fast! He IS a happy kid. On just has to look at this pictures to feel it.
    The CROWN came up great, you proud grandma!!!!

  4. Adorable! My dog, I am afraid, scares and is scared of kids. Love your big sweet dogs.

  5. Love the pictures of your sweet boys and that crown is just TOO cute! Also, I LOVE that detail of your round robin. You do SUCH gorgeous work, Leslie!!!

  6. Leslie! the picture of your sweet grandbaby and the stuffed animals!!

    Happy 1st Birthday!!

    peace and love, hugs and kisses!

  7. a crown!
    a puppy encrusted crown!

    only you!


    one year?
    i remember when this cutie~pie
    was just a pre~baby
    in the side bar...


  8. Found your blog...yay! LOVE the sneak peek! Great textures..
    I'm a total doggie love too! My pug is "my sweetheart!"
    :) Mendy

  9. Oh, come on! That crown? I must have it.
    We love German shepherd dogs. love love love. They are the BEST with their kids, aren't they?

    Happy belated birthday to the big boy!

  10. Happy birthday to Kiran!!! What a lucky duck he is to have a great grandma like you.....I crown YOU queen of the grandmas.

    I'd love to see your beautiful round robin piece.

  11. well...
    I have that...
    round robin book here
    with me - and Lu only bit off one leg
    of the man who delivered it...

    xox - eb.

    Happy Birthday Kiran Prince!

  12. happiest of birthdays to the sweetheart.
    And the book page is sensational - love the stitching, fabrics, colours everything - amazing

  13. Oh I love that crown! And that smile!!! But then again... that prince charming is looking at YOU!!! Happy blessed birth day beautiful Kiran!

  14. what did you make the crown out of? I see it is stitched. Looks like it is able to stand up to some rough and tumble play.

    Thanks for the comment... however not the word i was looking for. Have another go...think like a guerilla, cheeky, out of the box, irreverent..

  15. Ohhhh so cuuuute! Look at that smile. Your birthday boy crown is incredible, Leslie. It's certainly something he will cherish for the rest of his life. A reminder of YOU! And his favourite pooches. Btw, your grandma name which I can't remember right now is awesome.

  16. How lovely the little Prince is. His crown is wonderful...can't wait to see a photo of him in his crown.
    This year seems to have passed so fast...I remember the countdown in your sidebar and now he will be one.

  17. The crown is beautiful your a great Nana/grannie