Monday, January 5

Sunshine and Salvation . . .

A little bit of sweet Florida sunshine was delivered to my doorstep this afternoon.Well, a lot of sunshine actually.There is nothing more refreshing than a Honeybell. Did you know that these luscious yummies are a cross between Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerines? I didn't either.They're only available in January though, and then they're gone.Sometimes they hang around until February -- early February -- but you should get them now. You won't regret it.Just in time to help me battle this monster.


  1. Dear Stiffie:

    I noticed you divided the oranges into two piles: one labelled yours and the other marked mine. How is it that the top layer of my oranges are the ones that were in the fridge a month ago?

    I wanted to thank you for replacing the standard bathroom scale with this electronic one. I stood on the analog scale last week, and the needle spun around so fast it flew off and stabbed Atticus in the butt.

    I have started my diet today too, Stiffie. Have you tried one of those Weight Watcher chocolate shakes? I had 18 of them before lunch. They are so good.

    Well the pictures you took today (of the oranges) unleashed sunshine in the kitchen. And as usual, it followed you around the rest of the day.

    The man sitting in darkness in the office off the kitchen

    PS: Boston Market called. They want to cater dinner.

  2. Whoa...those totally just made my mouth water....really effective photography :)

  3. Through that beastly monster away!!!! No one, anywhere needs one of those. The orange can stay, Jack too... he's a funny one that Jack.

  4. that would be "throw"....

    gaw, can't even spell!!

  5. Wow...I think Pavlov would be very successful running tests on me as I look at these oranges ;)

    A Honeybell kind of diet!

  6. that goodness just comes right through the screen... man, oh man. what a nice sight at this time of year...

    happy new year, leslie!

  7. Your Honey Bell Photos are Scrumptious!
    The Honey Bell people need to hire you Leslie!!
    Thank you for telling me about them. They sound like a perfect citrus fruit!!
    Happy New Year Friend!
    Keep taking these amazing photographs!!!!
    You are SO TALENTED!!


  8. It must be happening all over the east coast.
    The attacks.
    You know.
    The dreaded scale monsters.
    I can't seem to fight back.
    Perhaps if we move to sunny Florida, where we would have to wear the dreaded....shhhhh, bathing suit as a weapon, we would win.

  9. Hi Leslie, silly me! I've visited your blog previously. You little guy is so cute!

  10. Oh, don't you love the citrus season!?

    Thanks for your funny comment. I'm still munching through my holiday treats. I'm rationing those babies!

  11. There is nothing better than this kind of sunshine!!!!

  12. word id - strootic...
    oh my I have been low
    on my vitamin C
    and especially low on vitamin R (Riepe humor)...
    now that I have virtually uploaded on these nutrients and wept into my napkin I can get on with my journaling habit...
    practicing for the Boo book...

    thank you so much

    xox - eb.

  13. word id - specoc...

    did someone say RADIANT???

    xox - eb.