Saturday, February 28

Bringing nature inside

I've been wanting to add some nature (in the form of a tree) to my studio for a long time. Circumstance and laziness have kept me from this desire until now. Oh, what a wonderful palette this lit tree/branch provides!

Saturday, February 21

Guerilla knitting

You may have been watching all the colorful fun stuff that happens over here on Denise's blog. I know I have. In fact, it was seeing all of that cool knitting that inspired me to blow the dust off of my own knitting needles.And yes, the first thing I knitted after 25 years of knitting nothing was a sweater for a tree.I made lots of mistakes. One of them is evident in this photo. But, the tree didn't seem to mind.I finished my knit-up several days ago, but I wasn't sure where to put it. I was worried that store owners on main street might not want a sweater for the trees in front of their businesses. I was afraid that my knitting might be removed immediately. In fact, I was afraid that the local authorities might catch me in the act, and ask me to remove it before I got it up. And then, I learned that a friend was having a tailgate party at her son's college basketball game. His last home basketball game, as he is a senior. How fun to leave a knit-up on one of the trees where they had celebrated Ben's basketball games for four years. I arrived early to choose the tree and apply it's sweater.I was able to watch as folks arrived for the tailgate and noticed my knit-up. I heard one man comment that it was "the ultimate in tree-hugging."Everyone wanted to touch it.Everyone seemed to get a kick out of it.Being able to watch from a distance as folks experienced my tree's sweater has inspired me to knit again. To knit more sweaters for cold, eastern U.S. trees.I think this tree is standing a little taller tonight, a little prouder. After all, she is the the only tree with a sweater on the entire campus.

Friday, February 13

A happy heart

“It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.” AnonymousMy heart is so full that I'm spreading it around.Such a bond was formed with these funky divas last summer, that we continue to exchange thoughts and notes and cards . . . even outings!You may have seen the story about our "Blogstock" weekend in the Spring issue of Artful Blogging. We were pretty tickled with that.And how could I ever post about matters of the heart without mentioning my sweet friend, Nina Bagley?You may have noticed that Nina's work has taken on a somewhat different look of late. Leather and lace. Soft, ecru and cream colors that make me think of my grandmother's tatting and lace.She also posted a photo of a heart stone that had been mended last fall. I was so moved by the image that I contacted Nina and asked if she could make a necklace for me incorporating one of my heart stones. I knew that she doesn't normally do that, but . . . . . . she said she would! It will take a while, she said. Not likely before Christmas.
No worries
, I said. Whenever.Christmas morning, I opened the smallest gift from J, and there it was. I cried. I was so surprised!
It was perfect.And, even though tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I'm still thinking about Halloween and witches a little.
Hearts by Stephanie Lee
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 3

Disintegration - Day One

Early last month, Seth from The Altered Page quietly started a winter project he calls Disintegration. I say "quietly" because it took me a while to catch on. He only mentioned it twice. The project is all about watching the results of nature on elements left out in . . . well, the elements. In the spring we will all unveil the results of natural evolution on our projects.
Better late than never I say. And, because I'm already a month behind, I am beginning with pages that have a hundred years or so head start. I also added a little metal wire and mesh, as rust is always a good element in my book. And some beads, because they add color. And that little resin paper thingy that I saw on someone's blog recently. I can't remember whose blog, but when I do, I'll attribute the idea to the rightful creator.And a tea bag that hangs on the back of my packet of papers because I liked the tag, and because tea -- mixed with elements -- has to do cool things to these papers. Don't you think?

Sunday, February 1

Happy Birthday Kiran!

Everyone here is pretty much satisfied . . .that Kiran's birthday party was a success . . .the cake . . . was beautiful and tasty.His friends loved lunch . . . and lots of pretty girls were there.Yes. It was a good day.