Tuesday, February 3

Disintegration - Day One

Early last month, Seth from The Altered Page quietly started a winter project he calls Disintegration. I say "quietly" because it took me a while to catch on. He only mentioned it twice. The project is all about watching the results of nature on elements left out in . . . well, the elements. In the spring we will all unveil the results of natural evolution on our projects.
Better late than never I say. And, because I'm already a month behind, I am beginning with pages that have a hundred years or so head start. I also added a little metal wire and mesh, as rust is always a good element in my book. And some beads, because they add color. And that little resin paper thingy that I saw on someone's blog recently. I can't remember whose blog, but when I do, I'll attribute the idea to the rightful creator.And a tea bag that hangs on the back of my packet of papers because I liked the tag, and because tea -- mixed with elements -- has to do cool things to these papers. Don't you think?


  1. Oh this is so beautiful already - even without the elements! Brilliant to add the teabag. I may have to try that with another project. So glad you are joining in!

  2. I second what Seth says...already gorgeous! Another little adventure in letting go...

  3. I third. This is going to be spectacular once that tea starts "brewing"..excellent idea!

  4. oooooooooooooo

    love this!!!

    I'm signing on

    plenty of elemental disintegration happening here...

    xox - eb.

  5. THIS is gonna be good!!
    TEA!! You're SO good!!!
    that is a brilliant idea indeed!!

    Outside of Dallas is an outdoor park. Once a year several artists are chosen from around the world to create sculpture out of natural things, then they decompose over the next year before the next artists are chosen.

  6. Yaah Leslie!
    Looks great already.
    Now we can disintegrate together!

  7. Beautiful piece and project. YES! the tea will become spring tea and color your piece with the seasons brew....


  8. Fantastic. Roll on May the first, I've joined this project too

  9. Hi Leslie,
    I checked out of blog land for a while and have just started posting again and saw your comment. Thank you, I somehow got alerted to Photobucket and that worked!
    I still am wondering how you get your
    photos on your blog so large, i havent been able to do that, even though i set it on large!
    BTW, this book you are working on is
    fantastic, you have such an amazing sensibility! I think of you everytime I look at my unfinished Judy book in the studio....one of these days!

  10. Your disintegration project looks fantastic, i love all the little details... have a beautiful week! Roxanne

  11. So pretty! I love looking at everyone's projects!