Friday, February 13

A happy heart

“It isn't what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart.” AnonymousMy heart is so full that I'm spreading it around.Such a bond was formed with these funky divas last summer, that we continue to exchange thoughts and notes and cards . . . even outings!You may have seen the story about our "Blogstock" weekend in the Spring issue of Artful Blogging. We were pretty tickled with that.And how could I ever post about matters of the heart without mentioning my sweet friend, Nina Bagley?You may have noticed that Nina's work has taken on a somewhat different look of late. Leather and lace. Soft, ecru and cream colors that make me think of my grandmother's tatting and lace.She also posted a photo of a heart stone that had been mended last fall. I was so moved by the image that I contacted Nina and asked if she could make a necklace for me incorporating one of my heart stones. I knew that she doesn't normally do that, but . . . . . . she said she would! It will take a while, she said. Not likely before Christmas.
No worries
, I said. Whenever.Christmas morning, I opened the smallest gift from J, and there it was. I cried. I was so surprised!
It was perfect.And, even though tomorrow is Valentine's Day, I'm still thinking about Halloween and witches a little.
Hearts by Stephanie Lee
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Leslie, you heart is all over this blog entry. You deserved that Christmas gift. I am CERTAIN of that. Nina knew that. She can feel those things. I am CERTAIN of that too.
    I am so much richer for have you and the Divas in my life.
    Today, at Corey Amaro's Tongue in Cheek blog she wrote something that truly captures how I wish we can all BE in our lifes:

    "with a heart empty of desire and full of contentment".

    You and the Divas are part of my contentment.
    Happy Valentine's Day my friend!



  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you my friend. That Jack is a keeper, isn't he? Big ol' smooches to him to, for being so good to you!

  3. This is such an awesome post. Very yummy things.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day Leslie!
    What a fun book you received. Have you tried any of the spells? ;-)
    Nina seem wonderful. Her work is natural and poetic. I once dreamed I met her.

    Still haven't seen artful blogging. They did say they would send a copy, but that was a few weeks ago.....

    Have a wonderful day friend.

  5. Hi Leslie,
    I wish you were going to Bali as well!
    I have really gotten into the photography and it would be so fun to do that with you! We will connect again Im sure! ox stace
    ps thank you for the tips on making the photos larger!

  6. What a lovely post... hope your Valentines Day is spectacular! Deb

  7. Oh...beautiful!! Leslie, the gorgeous heARTS overflowing!!

    Happy HAPPY Valentine's Day!


  8. Love the cards, the necklace - so many things to look at!

  9. Oh, what a wonderful post, so much joy and beauty...
    I love your colors, the necklace and the stones! Happy Valentines day to you! Roxanne

  10. leslie...what a beautiful post...enjoy that necklace...i, too, collect heart rocks...happy valentines day my friend...hugs, rebecca

  11. Things are looking beautiful here, Leslie. I feel very lucky to be the recipient of one of these. Thanks you.

  12. such heart FULL-ness here...
    such BEauty
    such a wonderful heart stone
    made even more beautiful
    and oh my those cards
    bet mine will arrive today

    xox - eb.

  13. Wonderful stuff! I hope you all find my little book of heart stones...titled simply: Heart Stones, so that when you need a stone to give or to have, you always have it!

    Check out the web page at

    If you all e-mail me I will put you on my heartstones/Loving Blind mailing list! Good hearts to all!

    Josie Iselin

  14. what a gorgeous necklace, such beauty in its design & its story...much love to you for valentine's day!!

  15. Nina creates magic in her jewelry, doesn't she? I swear there are secret little spells cast in the silver and glass and whatnot. And I love love LOVE your heart rocks with the ribbon and lace through them, Leslie! Oh my gosh...they are so beyond beautiful and meaningful. They are pure poetry. You should be selling these!