Wednesday, March 25

Letting go

Who knew graffiti could be so much fun.Next thing you know, I'll be hanging over train trestles with a can of spray paint. I'd better start a slush fund for bail money.

Sunday, March 22

Lots to share, but even more to learn

I got a little behind on the Round Robin books.So, this weekend I did some catching up.I have enjoyed this -- my first Round Robin venture -- so much.Last week's Alisa Burke class was all about stencils.I still have to apply mine to some sort of background, but oh my, were these fun!

Sunday, March 15

Alisa Burke Workshop

Last Monday I started an online class with Alisa Burke called Graffiti Chic. This is my first result.I took this class because it is so not my style to be loose, and I thought that she might be able to free up my inner spray-painting self . . . or something.I'm not much of a painter, but this is fun!It's difficult to know where to quit with this stuff . . . . . . but, I suspect it was somewhere between the French knots and the sewing machine.

Sunday, March 8

Another Round Robin book on its way . . .

I recently finished working on the third book in this round robin.
This is the first round robin I've participated in, and I love it. Thank you Dede, for inviting me to play.
I can't wait to see all of the finished books!

Thursday, March 5

A dog and his boy

Atticus has always wanted a boy. It was the first thing on his Christmas list until he got Kiran.These two are inseparable.Today, Kiran was cooking up some good stuff in his pot, like he does from time to time, and he thought he'd share with Atticus, who thought he'd like to keep the spoon.This photo kills me. Kiran is trying to figure out why this spoon won't come out of Atticus' mouth.As much as he loves Thursdays, they do wear out Atticus.