Sunday, March 15

Alisa Burke Workshop

Last Monday I started an online class with Alisa Burke called Graffiti Chic. This is my first result.I took this class because it is so not my style to be loose, and I thought that she might be able to free up my inner spray-painting self . . . or something.I'm not much of a painter, but this is fun!It's difficult to know where to quit with this stuff . . . . . . but, I suspect it was somewhere between the French knots and the sewing machine.


  1. Oooh, I LOVE this! Great color, great embelishment and stitching and messy, goodness!

  2. oooohhhhh....

    french knots AND beads.


    i think maybe
    you should work in Dog Hair.

    {{ i am just saying..... }}

  3. i love what you've done - i love the freedom of painting.

  4. This looks such fun.
    And do I recognize your signature blue and gold/rust?
    lots of love

  5. no no no.. I love it. Bernie Berlin was doing something like this and it looked so rich.. gorgeous. Thanks for the tip, I will suss her out.

  6. These are wonderful Leslie! Isn't it fun to do something different and discover a new path for your creativity!

  7. Great job Leslie. You seem to be a natural with this style!

  8. French knots, beads and stitching, inspiring it. It's good to go out of ones comfort zone from time to time

  9. YOU are one great loosened up lady. Love it all. ....and your colors are perfect.

  10. Leslie*
    this is fantastic!
    remind me to tell you about a different kind of spray painting story when we have lunch on the 29th ;)

  11. Leslie, this is WONDERFUL how you've just gone for more and more...the beads, the stitching...

    fun isn't it!!! Now I'm cutting stencils...

  12. Oh, wow, this looks like a fantastic class. You have made eye candy for sure. LOOK at the wildness. Talk about freeing yourself! I love these looks. rock on.