Wednesday, March 25

Letting go

Who knew graffiti could be so much fun.Next thing you know, I'll be hanging over train trestles with a can of spray paint. I'd better start a slush fund for bail money.


  1. Love this street art of yours, have you crossed over to the dark side??

    PS: Call me if you wind up in the pokie, I'll come get ya.

  2. Excellent stencil!!!

  3. Leslie: You are the only one who still thinks you are "not much of a painter". I love your colors and designs. Thanks so much for peeking at my blog. Can't wait to see you next month!

  4. You are in (one of your many) elements here. And bail...I am sure your readers will help you out!

  5. So great Leslie! You're combining all the elements so beautifully, the stencils, the crackling surface...LOVE it!

  6. you have pulled me in
    to your special vortex
    that you do
    carries the mark
    of presence
    and for that
    we are all
    so very blessed...

    xox - eb.

  7. Great Graffiti!!
    Now THIS is what I'd like to see on the side of buildings. If you get caught. Call me! I'll put on my batgirl outfit and come to the rescue!

    You did a great job Leslie!
    Now, will this become a handbag??
    Can't wait to find out!

  8. Do you expect me to hold your ankles while you spray paint the trestles?

    The man behind the rumor in the front office

  9. This is absolute scruptious ART. It inspires indeed. I say do the least one of them.

  10. Just beautiful work, Leslie. Love it all, the "loose" painting and your beautiful rusty turqoise metally offerings. Just beautiful. Your round robin co creators are lucky to have you. The closeup of the music/wire element is awesome. love it. You have such a knack for detail. Tell Jack he can hold your ankles as long as he lays flat across the train tracks. Toxic, indeed. teehee. I'll come along and take pics of that escapade, it CAN NOT go undocumented!!!xoSusan

  11. I think we should start a bail fund... for you are really, really good at this!

    Hey you young whipper snappers, move on over for snips and snails and puppy dog tails!!!!


  12. The eyes of the woman in your graffiti art are haunting, Leslie. I can just imagine you dressed all in black with a mask over your face, spraypainting the side of a building. What would you say or draw, I wonder? What would your tag look like, Leslie?

  13. I finally took a break to catch up on reading your blog. I love the graffiti art. Kiran is such a perfect subject. Looking forward to April 15th so I can play, that is after I garden, clean the basement, clean the time will come. Your work is inspiring. (Please overlook the spelling errors-I don't have time....) see you soon

  14. now that i would like to see. can i blog your graffiti adventure?