Sunday, March 22

Lots to share, but even more to learn

I got a little behind on the Round Robin books.So, this weekend I did some catching up.I have enjoyed this -- my first Round Robin venture -- so much.Last week's Alisa Burke class was all about stencils.I still have to apply mine to some sort of background, but oh my, were these fun!


  1. Leslie- I love stencils..but I am too lazy to make new ones...and I am bored with my existing collection. Your stencils came out GREAT!! Really great!!

  2. oh
    the baby~pie close~up
    is my favorite!


    it is the pouty bottom lip,
    i think.

    the look that says:
    what is happening here?
    I should be getting
    My Way...

  3. Great peeks into the altered book pages! I so wish I could see each one in full. And nics start to the stencil pages.

  4. You are such a teaser, my dear. I am so curious about that Round Robin. And that stencil of Kiran is just wonderful! Those eyes...that mouth...he is ADORABLE!

  5. You sewed a butterfly wing UNDER mica?!! Gawd are you brilliant or what!!! I came into a nice bag of large mica pieces and have been very uneasy in using them.. I thought they were so fragile... but if you can sew them, that opens up a whole new door!
    Your stencils are outstanding--can't wait to see what you do with them!!!

  6. Gee wiz there nothing you aren't an expert at......stencils, too?

    Holy moly they are PERFECT.

    Is this a practice thing or is there something else I should know?

    ....and the abrr....beautiful.

  7. Hi Leslie, I just had a lovely tour through many pages of your blog... Everything you touch is beautiful...
    I am quite in awe... What a light you are!

  8. Oh Leslie the sneek peeks of your altered book are to die for, Im BUSTING to see more Please dont make me beg

  9. The detail of those leaves are so beautiful!

    AND...yes!! your stencils are so amazing. YOu captured that little face soooo perfectly!

  10. It is great to see the detail in your work. Really nice.

  11. Lovin' these stencils Leslie!! Lucky be the artist in your round robin to receive your work! With your keen eye and attention to detail!!

    Hope all is well in your world today!



    So nice that you Karen and Steph took a class on line with such amazing results!!