Sunday, April 5

Did you know . . .

. . . that there is at least one web site dedicated to the art of graffiti? They carry paint designed specifically for the practice. I learned about this stuff watching the CBS news show Sunday Morning, because they did a story about graffiti in Paris this morning.There's even an exposition featuring graffiti that will run through the month of April in Paris. Check out the artistes.Don't get me wrong. I have seen graffiti. I just haven't always viewed it as art.
Jordan's graffiti wall and his dog, Bugsie
Several years ago, when my oldest son was living in his first house, he loved breakdancing, and put in a hardwood, mirrored niche in his basement specifically for this particular form of fun exercise. He hired an artist to paint one wall of the niche with graffiti. It was awesome. (J also made a grinding rail that he would pull out into the driveway when he got home from school or work. I recall that he was pretty popular with the neighborhood kids.)And now I'm doing graffiti. Who would have thought! One piece I did is framed and hanging in the house where J and his wife (and Kiran) live.

Another is waiting for a companion piece before they both get cut up and crafted into a purse for my youngest son's girl.

I'm sad that there is only one more week of my online Graffiti Chic class with Alisa Burke. I had so much fun making art with this group. It has been so liberating!But for now I've got to run. The wind is perfect for working on my scribble.

Peace out.


  1. I too am sorry that the class is coming to a close...
    I love the work you are doing, hope you keep experimenting with it.

    I've always liked graffiti art, some examples more than others, and I used to photograph it when I got a chance, but I never thought I'd be making anything that looked even remotely like it!

    Today on the bus I kept seeing examples of the writing going by outside the window, and wished I could have photographed it.

  2. I just signed up for this class - I love graffiti art, I think it is up and coming and we will see more of it in the art world.

  3. love everything about this new direction Leslie - keep going - can't wait to see more!

    xox - eb.

  4. You are such a rock start Leslie. I can't wait to see the tote, and hope you'll share it with us once done. What great gifts they would be!

    Rock on sistah!

  5. ohhhhhh!!! this is fabulous!! I feel I've been left behind after missing all week, am hoping to get caught up with videos soon....

    how how did you do that beautiful raised design?


  6. Love all the ideas for your art and your sense of graffiti aesthetics :)
    You are turning into a Graffiti Diva!

  7. Fun piece! I want your sons wall on my garage wall!

  8. Leslie, this is so amazingly fun and pretty and edgy and FREE, and I love it. Your choices of colors always looks perfect. This class looks great.

    I just saw two documentaries on graffiti and am looking at it more and more as the great medium for artistic expression that it is.

  9. I grew up with graffiti in a simmering urban slurry of a city. It was the defining parameters of turf, or the way one gang promoted its values and mutual membership benefits over another. And sometimes, it promoted wares. It wasn’t until I moved far from this social arena that graffiti artists not only developed recognizable style, but a sense of presence.

    Not all of it is art. Some is the expression of rage. Some is color substituting for words. And some is the only way people have of influencing some aspect of their environment -- in an enduring way that may outlast themselves.

    I am in the enviable position of watching Leslie express herself in graffiti. The art alone is amazing, but no less amazing than her methodology. Bear in mind that the majority of graffiti artists have no control over the background they must use, the time element regarding the application of the color (a train, a bus, or a truck can move... a building is subject to the inspection of the police... prime locations are in demand), or even the weather.

    Leslie begins by creating a background that reflects the faded emotions of previous artists. Then she begins the laborious experimentation her message (which may or may not be fragmented, as in the case of the purse). And then creates a third and fourth level of expression (sometimes more), that seems to tie with her primary concept, but could easily qualify as stand-along expressions.

    And she often does this at 3am in the morning.

    Now I am often up and working late in my own art, which I regret lacks the aesthetics of Leslie’s. (I work in irony, ribald expression, and raw laughs.) But Stiffie will come into my office as each layer, quarter layer, or separate detail is applied, with the comment, “Look at this...” Or, “See how this element shifts the focus...” Or the ever challenging, “What do you think of this?”

    What I think is that her mad passion to express herself could power the change of seasons. She thinks in four dimensions, the fourth being “Stiffie.” But she is less “Stiffie” now and more of signature in unrestrained color and flaire.


  10. Oh, your grafitti is just sizzling with energy! I wish I had seen the Sunday Morning that you mentioned, and your class must be incredible! thanks for the links! Roxanne

  11. really cool stuff! i love graffitti art and enjoy taking pictures of it when i come across it. (NY is a great place for finding it!)

  12. Your graffiti work is just amazing Leslie!!!!! I loved the class too and am itching to get the time I had the first week and DO SOMETHING about it.

    I CAN't BELIEVE I missed CBS Sunday morning this weekend....and about PARIS graffiti......I am headed there on Friday!!! Woo Hoo. I will be on the lookout.

    Miss you.

  13. Great graffiti. You are a natural. And thanks for the links. I will have to check them out!

  14. Great art...great links. Thank you for sharing.
    Frequently I have to stop the car while the train passes by. I love it...the graffiti is watching a gallery in motion.