Thursday, April 16

Fun with food . . .

And Sesame Street with a good friend.


  1. That 1st photo is THE BEST photo ever! Gosh darn he's so cute... great shot!

  2. Love these shots Leslie! Do his parents know how lucky they are that you are capturing the little things with this precious child!?! I sure hope so... in other news, did I miss that Kiran is going to be an older brother??? I see the baby clock on the sidebar, and was a bit startled. Congrats!!!

  3. oooohhh..

    NOW i know
    that is is Thursday!
    i love these dog and his boy days...


    I see you are using
    your Nikon Oatmeal~proof SLR,
    thank goodness.

    {{ hey,
    i sucked my thumb
    until i was ** years old
    but don't tell anyone }}

    you made the Goat Pillow?

    what do you do
    with your spare time, missy, what?

  4. That would be Sesame Street with friends--you're never alone when you have your thumb!! I was a lefty thumb sucker myself!

  5. my fridays get off to a good start... when i take a peek into your thursdays! dede is right... his parents are so lucky you have captured such sweet memories of his growing up... and that oatmeal shot is the best!

    great spirit...

    thinking of you often
    big hugs+

  6. oh Leslie! What a facE!!! You capture the moment like none other...


  7. My son just saw the first picture and said:

    Now that's my kind of party!

    I remember those days...sigh...

  8. Atticus is a very good friend to Kiran! I just showed my mom all the photos of Atticus because he and our dog looked alike. She thinks both your boys are sweet.

    We need another prize winning photograph of sweet Scout!!
    She IS "such" the cutest girl.
    And I've heard....this is the head quarters for Puppy dog tails!!

    Hope all is well in your world friend!
    Woof~woof to your furry friends too!