Thursday, April 30

How I work

I'm still working on the book for my mother.I'm coming to grips with the fact that I just have to wait until the last minute to do stuff like this.

Still, I am enjoying the process.And I keep imagining her face when she sees it.

If you came here today looking for baby and dog pictures, you can see one over here.


  1. so rich and layered...she will adore it Leslie.

  2. I seem to need pressure too, to get me going... but this Leslie, is just so precious, and so heart felt. Your mother's face will say it all. I can't wait for your telling of that chapter of this beautiful book and story...

  3. What an amazing gift your mother will be receiving, Leslie. This truly is a gorgeous work of art and so meaningful for you both. I like the use of the glass beads, magnifying glass and vintage fabrics.Please let us know how your mom reacts to the book!

  4. Leslie- this is so beautiful!!

  5. Oh so gorgoeus.
    Love the glove!
    love it all.
    I actually came looking for some disintegration, seems there's a bit here too.

  6. Oh thank you for showing more. It's breathtaking.

    I think sometimes inspiration has to simmer a bit and then everthing comes together at the same time and perfectly.

  7. I suspect that most artists work best under pressure...I know I do :)
    I am on my way for more cute baby and dog photos...never get enough.
    Speaking of cute baby pictures...I have a few up on my blog right now.

  8. This is looking spectacular...and I guess the pressure you feel is echoed in the the pressure from those clamps!!!

  9. Your mother is going to LOVE it. I feel my heart full just looking at the care you are putting into this book. You have hands of gold, Leslie. This is beyond beautiful in all senses of the word.
    I feel so happy your mom can have this blessed oportunity to feel loved.

  10. oh leslie... these are amazing. love all the elements you are including... you have such a touch with placement and color.

    it's so on

    lucky mom... lucky girl

    big hugs

  11. so so so rich and gorgeous
    you have such a special touch
    and what a wonderful gift!

    xox - eb.

  12. All of this warmth and golden beauty. I love the layers, the thickness of this book and how you attatch the pages. Beautiful! roxanne

  13. Absolutely fabulous, your mother will love it. I love the way you've used the old ruler.

  14. So layered and beautiful takes you places...I found you on Artful Blooging and so happy I did..I added you on my blogroll so I can visit you often...your header is beautiful too..