Thursday, April 9

One thing leads to another, or how Kiran got my goat

In February, I was inspired by Denise of grrl + dog to dust off my knitting needles for a little guerilla knitting .Oh boy, was that ever fun. And after it was over, I still felt like knitting. So, I found a pattern for this goat pillow, and I thought to myself, I'll bet Kiran would love a goat pillow.Except really, I just felt like knitting this goat pillow, as evidenced by his reaction.That's okay though. I have my eye on this bench in town that is in serious need of a sweater, and it's not so critical.


  1. Wish I could knit! Nothing personal, but I hate you!! *lol* Very cute cute cute pillow!

  2. Kiran's expression in priceless! Wait until he figures out how talented grandma is. I can see you becoming his hero. Most definitely!

  3. love the expression on Kiran's face with the toss! very funny! you'll have to show me how you did the horns - those directions were rather cryptic to say the least.

  4. WOOOOOOOWWWWWW! What a pillow!!!

  5. You captured the moment perfectly! I'm amazed at how you capture things with your camera!! Kiran may not be impressed with your goat, but I am. Wishing you a delightful Easter weekend!

  6. It's as big as he is!!! I think it's great, a big hairy beast...

    AND, a pug?? do I spy a pug here?

    Happy Easter, I'm thinking that Kiran is going to have a HUGE Easter egg hunt.


  7. I want one!!how cute is that?

    Happy Easter,
    Karen Eileen

  8. Kids are so funny.
    I think that pillow is adorable!

    Happy Easter!!

  9. Very cute pillow and little boy to match. Watch out world!!! Leslie's carrying her knitting needles!!
    Who's this Puggy??

    Happy Easter friend!

  10. I love your goat pillow... you have made me laugh this morning! Thank you, Roxanne

  11. I would LOVE your goat pillow! And a Rocky (sheep) pillow... I now am the proud owner of 6 sheep stuffed animals... all because of Rocky.... if you're in the mood.....

    Kiran is such a gift!!!

  12. Again I say, where is MY creative gene? I got so slighted in that department, or you hogged it all, darnit. Kiran's such a doll.


  13. Happy Easter to you and your family Leslie!!
    With love,

  14. Ah! This made me laugh. How cute.

    I love that goat!

  15. ok Kiran
    just pass that goat
    over to Auntie Elizabeth
    I'll get your goat
    you adorable little munchkin baby doll...

    Leslie you are somespecialgranny...
    xox - eb.

    ps - just wish you lived next door

  16. how cute is that?!?!?! he is one lucky fella to have such a sweet grandmomma as you.

    hugs & buona pasqua!!

  17. Hey Leslie,
    thanks for the welcome back, I got the photos back and now have learned my lesson about backing those up.
    Never again!!!
    ox stace