Thursday, May 28

Another K and A

Since the very first day I started watching Kiran, he and Atticus have been buds.And since then, most Thursdays, you will find Atticus buried under a pile of toys and chunky books.Gladly listening to Kiran read him books.Enduring the 'foot-tickle thing.'

Yes. Atticus is a good dog.But, really, who could resist this face?


  1. I love these pictures of these two! They are such good friends! I especially love the photo of Kiran leaning on Atticus to read his book. Lovely!

  2. Leslie
    your two chosen subjects
    are beyond
    any measure of BEauty
    this is a subject
    for a WHOLE BOOK!!!
    did you hear me?
    this is TOO wonderful
    this relationship
    and your photo documentary
    you got the goods girls
    put it out there...

    xox - eb.

  3. BOTH ridiculously cute! And who would WANT to resist that sweet little face? :-)

  4. I agree with eb, a book is in order, absolutely! Such goodness between these two, and it's great that you're capturing it all.

  5. So adorable these two are... Roxanne

  6. Ohhhh look at your two cuties!