Tuesday, May 5

'Dog' Sitter

I swear, if Atticus could be trusted with lunch and plush toys, he could watch Kiran.
'This is Atticus' eye'
They see things eye to eye.
'This is my eye'
In spite of all the relationship demonstrations.
'Atticus, you are a dog'
Atticus is good with flash cards.
'Atticus, what do you want to be when you grow up?'
He's always willing to indulge a daydream.
'Those guys better close the gate after they're finished cutting the grass.'
He keeps an eye on strangers around the house.
'Down by the bay . . . '
He listens to book after book being read to him.
'That was gas'
He even keeps a nose on the status of Kiran's diapers.

Yes. It's a good thing Atticus can't drive to the park or cook a hot dog. And I'm not teaching him either.

* You may wonder about the gray furry thing that Atticus has in his mouth in many photos. It's his 'blankie.' That's what happens when your kids are all grown. Your dog has a blankie.


  1. Dear Stiffie:

    When Kiran left with Jordan today. Atticus came into my office and drank a martini.

    The man in the front room,

  2. Leslie,
    You capture those two...just really capture them! Ties that bind, so very special...

    AND, jack is hysterical!

  3. What a stunningly beautiful photo essay
    about the two buddies.
    I send both og them a big hug.

  4. Jack! *just read that comment* Scout probably needs the martini more than Atticus. I'm thinking he's a lover without drinks involved. Which begs me to question what Scout makes of Kiran. Maybe she's just happy to be left alone for once with the big guy occupied?

    Loved these pictures. I know Kiran has dogs at his own home, but maybe none so much more than the one you portray here.

    A boy and his dog. Damn straight.

  5. Lovely photo essay. Dogs are a lot like kids: you spend more money on them than yourself! Elvis grabs one of my gardening gloves or Ron's work gloves and just carries it around. He doesn't chew on it, just carries it around. Dogs are so funny!

  6. Hi Leslie,
    It makes me cry your photos, I think because of the tender love that Atticus shows, paired with Kiran's innocence. Esp. the fifth photo. Sniff, sniff.
    Thank you, happy tears.

    I love watching your little Kiran and HIS dog! Thank you.

    Hugs to you friend.
    love your photography and your subject matter!
    You go girl!

  7. Oh man... I just melt with these pictures... just melt!!!!

    Yep, blankies, special toys, and a special place in your heart...

  8. Such wonderful buddies and so adorable.
    I read about your finished book for your Mother on Google Reader...it is not showing up here.
    I was so touch by what you said about your Mother...about how she was and how people are treating her now.
    It brought tears to my eyes...where is the empathy?
    Happy Mother's Day. xoxo

  9. Kiran and Atticus....such buddies. Your photos are wonderful Leslie.
    Kudos to you on your Mother's book as well. It is just beautiful Wish I could see it in person.
    See you in a couple weeks, Joy

  10. What a pair they make! I wouldn't be surprised if Kiran taught Atticus how to talk :)
    Still smiling at your Martini drinker's blanket. My mom's Siamese cat Herman (aka youngest brother) and her dog Matilda (aka spoiled sis) both have blankies made of (can you believe it!) MY OWN crib blanket. That's what happens when you leave the house and your mom makes kids out of the pets ;)

  11. I just LOVE your photos of Atticus and Kiran. There's nothing more wonderful than children and dogs!! I think I've fallen in love with Atticus.


  12. You so need to get a copy of the book- Good Dog Carl, by Alexandra Day where a rotweiler babysits a little one (who begins the book in his crib napping.) Next time you are in a book store have a look. She did a whole series of Carl books. I think Kiran and Atticus would love them.

    I just loved these images.

  13. Oh, heaventy christmas, are these photos INCREDIBLE?!

  14. meltingly beautiful
    what a pair!
    your house is so full of love
    and characters
    do you think Atticus takes after you
    or Jack?
    just wondering...

    xox - eb.

  15. I love, love, love, love, LOVE your photographs of Kiran and Atticus!!!

    Do Kiran's parents regularly order these gorgeous photos? Gosh, if I were them, there wouldn't be an empty space on any wall in my house!