Sunday, May 31

Feathers, ferns and friends

I shared an inspired weekend making nature-based art under the gentle guidance of L.K. Ludwig with a small group of friends at Bee Shay's stunningly beautiful and comforting studio.


I'm not ready for re-entry yet.L.K. led us through several techniques using natural materials, starting with dye and salt printing and then using patina to create prints on metal.

While those things dried, we moved on to paper and paint.And then book-binding . . . And gelatin prints.To aid in my re-entry, I came straight home and ordered all the materials necessary to recreate the techniques L.K. taught this weekend.It made me feel just a little better about leaving."I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." ~John Muir


  1. WOW these are really amazing..what a weekend!!

  2. Wow Leslie, what beautiful work. I love the look of that book binding! The colors are so naturally you.

  3. Leslie! All this beautiful layered and rich work in Turquoise and rust.

    What a weekend you girls had....

    I'm going back to drink in more


  4. Leslie...These are AMAZING..Now how will I sleep? jealous of that experience..

  5. Wish I could have been there!! Each and every one of these looks like a treasure...which I am sure the whole weekend was. Next time!

  6. Beautiful. Almost as beautiful as K and A...
    Seriously thought, I love that top piece. It's amazing. Isn't it great to find a wonderful new method to explore?

  7. so there
    such beautiful results
    every image is delicious!

    xox - eb.

  8. Oh my goodness! So pretty! Love the colors. You will be a busy beaver playing with all the new techniques you learned! Have fun!

  9. well

    no wonder you enjoyed yourself, missy!

    look!! look!!
    all your heart's favorite colors!


    ever where i see
    copper & turquoise
    i think ---->

    {{ have some fun }}

  10. These are amazing Leslie. I also love the euphoria of being with other artists, creating, learning and talking, talking :)
    As always I am loving the post on K and A...Looks like Kiran is going to have a little sister :) Little girls are just as lovely as little boys. How exciting for you.

  11. Leslie,

    I LOVE your images... I feel like a little kid saying "I want to do that"

  12. Wow Leslie, you really did create a melange of beautiful work with Karen and Co. L.K. Ludwig is very talented and adventurous in what she experiments with. Your new pieces all turned out beautifully, but I have a special affection for your feather piece!


  13. I see the wonderful colors you love so much
    but I was also taken with the natural elements the fern and so on.
    How beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous images, Leslie! Look at everything you learned in L.K.'s class! Sounds like it was worth every penny and every moment. Good work!

  15. amazing~ and all your favorite colors!

  16. Oh my gosh, you lucky woman... I wish I could have been there as well. Your photographs of your work are are awesome, I love the ferns and the word "grow" I can tell how beautiful this weekend was for you, and your last quote shows it. Roxanne

  17. These are all just incredibly beautiful!

  18. hey leslie,

    and i don't know why *i* haven't been here in a while!

    lord have mercy, this is a lot of juicy goodness here. i was just at michael's today asking if they had copper mesh for patina-ing ala l.k. ludwig. stencils have BIG potential there!

    all of this art that you created is so soothing. it *feels* good. and that book binding is wonderful.


  19. Your work looks wonderful......beautiful closeups.

  20. Hi Leslie,
    You are so lucky you were all together for this class, it sounds fantastic!

  21. thanks Leslie!
    i want to be with you too! will you be here in Oct for Art and Soul?

  22. Oh, I MUST do this! Stunning stuff.