Thursday, May 21

Longwood Gardens and K Thursday

Kiran and I spent the afternoon at Longwood Gardens.Specifically, we spent the afternoon in their two Children's Gardens.Kiran loves the water, and I love the opportunity to share an afternoon like this with him.I'm so glad his folks suggested it. I bought an annual membership, so we'll be returning often.And, it just wouldn't be Thursday without one . . .or two . . . okay, three of these.


  1. Leslie,
    Children's photography....really, you have such a HUGE talent, for capturing the moment!!

    Happy K Thursday to you!!


  2. oh that sweet little hand... i keep showing your pictures of Kiran and Atticus to our tech guy in the office... he also volunteers for the german shepard rescue... we think your two should be the "spokespersogs"

    great thursday

  3. Your photographs are exquisite... You share such beautiful moments. I love the little hand in the stream of water... roxanne

  4. OMG! I love your photos so much. Your grandchild is going to have the most beautiful memories.


  5. sweetness overflowing...
    and that hand
    oh my
    that's a delight

    xox - eb.

  6. Hello Leslie,
    Thank you for allowing us to share on K~Thursdays! I've heard of the Longwood Gardens, but have never been.

    Happy Birthday Friend!
    You are really such a special person
    that I feel blessed to have met!


  7. Oh my! Love this! ANd there is nothing better than a big ol' puppy dog smooch. What a wonderful adventure.

  8. The pictures of Kiran playing in the fountain show pure bliss on his face. Don't you love hanging out with little ones? You get to see the world through a whole new window.

    And I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos of Kiran and Atticus. I can't decide who is cuter! They both are precious. You have a wonderful talent with your camera. :D

  9. What a wonderful afternoon and so very beautifully captured for us all to share.
    So lovely.

  10. love the 1 2 or 3 photos, the first is amazing

  11. oh the
    one with the splashy watery
    little hand

    that does melt my heart
    those sweet fingers
    that you want
    to kiss

    you lucky girl


  12. Fabulous photos! I agree with Stephanie - you could start a business photographing children. You really have a gift for capturing those precious moments in a natural way. And there's something about your images...a softness that I really like. I know that you are shooting digital but your photos look like they were taken on film. Nice!

    PS: the sign-in thingy asked me to type in dogistch...DOG...coincidental?

  13. Well, I can't stand it. That is all.

  14. How can a person cry over a picture of a boy and a dog she doesn't even know? Silliness.