Wednesday, May 20


I love old stuff.And I can usually fit a lot of what I love in the car, because I love small old stuff.On my recent trip to Nebraska to "divvy" up (with my sisters) the stuff my mom couldn't take to her new independent living home, there was only one thing that I insisted was going home with me. This small image of my grandmother with the beads she wears in the photo.Most of my best flea market finds can be carried out in my purse.Unless there is a great stash of old books.

I love them too, and I especially love crafting their covers and pages into something else.The cover of this old scrapbook is from 1876 -- just eleven years after the Civil War ended.I am humbled to add anything to the pages that lie between these covers . . . even though the pages are now new.

Thankfully, "humble" is an emotion that generally passes.


  1. Love this post. Your grandmother is beautiful. I especially love civil war era photos. Your book gave me little goosebumps.

    Beautiful. I feel your joy at such tender findings.

    Karen Eileen

  2. OMG Leslie, these treasures are BeaUtiFul! Love all these little trinkets... the book is lovely, the colors of the cover, priceless, but the photo and beads from your Grandmother would have been my 1st choice as well.

    All this makes me more eager for August than ever... I best start gathering my goods!

  3. I also love small old stuff..and I also like to take small old stuff and incorporate it with new, contemporary images. Your header is awesome..This piece of furniture is so rich. Your post about your mother was so touching and beautiful..You are brave to write about such a personal happening and your readers are so lucky you are. Your blog is inspiring and a pleasure to visit.

  4. ha! funny....but wow...

    that tiny pic of your beautiful grandmother, you are going to craft something fantastic with these treasures.


  5. i love that those two... picture and necklace... will stay together... full story

    and the book is beautiful... you find the best stuff!

  6. Oh, what a beatiful image of your grandmother as a girl... it is as though you can see her story in her eyes... and I love small old treasures too, (but also large) Roxanne

  7. gorgeous Leslie - all of it
    such deLIGHTful treasures
    lucky you
    and us for your sharing

    xox - eb.

    ps happy birthday tomorrow!

  8. Oh Leslie:

    sorry I missed your Birthday. Happy belated Birthday to you.

    Your recent posts about your mother were very touching, my eyes are watery. That book looks like a treasure, filled with "love" for your Mother, and saddened by the fact that it will eventully come back to you. It's too bad you are not closer (in distance) to be able to visit more often.

    again, a very happy belated Birthday greeting to you

    bobskoot: wet coast scootin

  9. Amazing stuff. The book is sensational!

  10. Do you have instructions for the long and link stitch that was used on this book? Thanks.