Thursday, May 14

So many emotions . . .

I had dueling emotions as I wrapped the gift book for my mother.

I had looked through it many times before draping it in the velvet bag I made to carry it to Nebraska. And I'd thought how beautiful she was as a child and as an adult. 

I'd also thought about the people she told me refused to let her sit with them at their table at lunch. And I'd hoped that she might show the book to everyone in the assisted living facility where she currently resides, and that they would see how beautiful and self-confident she once was. Because they once were someone else too.

I continue to hope that it is a vehicle for showing them who she is without seeming like she is bragging about who she was; because it must be so frustrating to be surrounded by people who didn't know you then. 

People who get irritated when you forget things.

I must not do that anymore.

As I touched those pages, I knew that the next time the book was in my possession, my mother will be gone, and that made me sad.Still, once there, I almost couldn't wait to give the book to her. It's probably not a good thing to be so eager to present your own work.She loved it.

And one of the first things she said was that she couldn't wait to show it to her friends.And then she cried.

I already was.


  1. Awww - so nice Leslie! Wish we had been there to see everyone. Bam must surely be a proud mom!

  2. all so beautiful

    the book
    the story
    your mom

    big hugs

  3. oh Leslie - such a beautiful post
    I have been thinking of you
    and wondering about your trip
    such a beautiful gift
    from a beautiful artist
    to her eternally beautiful Mom
    bless you both...

    xox - eb.

  4. What a wondrous gift you gave her--memories. The book, made with so much love, so much passion... it will carry her through those hard times when 'they' won't let her sit with them. Imagine the stories she can tell them, and in turn, they her... and the camaraderie and bonding that will happen.
    You've birthed a magnificent happening.

  5. Wow Leslie. This post and the story moved my like few blog posts do. What a wonderful gift you gave to your mother and what a gift to us that you shared this experience.

  6. Dearest Leslie,
    You just went on a hard journey, but you did it!!!

    Since I know you and that you put your talent and heart into all you do, I'm certain that your mother was touched by your kindness!

    Thinking of you.

    With love,

  7. You gave a piece of you to your mum.

    For that she will forever be grateful.

    You also gave much time and energy of yourself.

    For that she will forever be grateful.

    You gave her something no money can buy.

    For that she will forever be grateful.

    Her tears said it all.

    Each time I give a book like yours away and the tears flow,
    and I know,
    that I have given unparalled joy as you did.

    And in the years to come,
    your children and grandchildren will be filled with joy knowing the histroy of their grandmaother and great grandmother.

    Congratulations Leslie,
    you are a star!!!

  8. I love the idea of the book. Wow.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

  9. This post and the last with Kiran are pure love displayed to it's highest form.

  10. pass the tissues...this was beautiful

  11. oh Leslie*
    i am so inspired by you.

  12. Oh Leslie, I am too...crying

    how lovely, the whole journey, what a very special gift and happy that you could share it with your mother in person.


  13. MY. oh WOW.
    thanks for reminding us...

  14. Lesie,

    Such a wonderful heartfelt post.
    Its always a pleasure visitng your blog.


  15. Ohhh, Leslie...what an amazing gift you gave to your mother. She must have felt completely and fully loved and appreciated when she saw your book and looked through each page. Knowing that her baby girl made that book especially for her made it especially meaningful. I hope you have many more close moments like this with your mom.

  16. Oh dearest Leslie... I've been waiting for this post, and I am crying, so touched am I... I feel so fortunate to have you share this with us... your mother and the beauty of her life, then and now... I am so happy for you that you could share this with her... a treasure of the heart forever... thank you... XO

  17. What a lovely mom you have. Your love has come full circle. (My mom died when I was )

  18. What better gift could your mother have given you, than her approval and joy through her tears?

    I hope this books finds its way back to you later rather than sooner. Long may she enjoy it and share it with those who know her now, may they be better able to catch a glimpse of the woman she really is!

    This is the best reason to grow creatively Leslie, that we can share it with others and enrich their lives through art.


  19. I saw this earlier, but I see I did not comment. Such a touching story and again... your gift for your mother resonates with love. Have a lovely weekend! Roxanne

  20. An unexpected reward. How special.

  21. what a lovely gift! My mother is also in assisted living and it's so very hard. I know just what you are going through.

  22. That last picture in this post touched me deeply. I don't know your mom, but she has such a ray of goodness in her eyes. I have no clue why her teared eyes go straight to my heart... I hope she got to enjoy the book for a long time.

    1. Sadly, my mom passed the following May, and the book is again in my possession. I am so glad that I finished it when I did rather than waiting. She did enjoy the book while she had it though, and was very proud of it.