Saturday, June 13

Book (binding) Lover

I always tell folks that I suffer from AADD (art attention deficit disorder) because I flit from project to project. Technique to technique.But recently I find that book-making, paper-making and book-binding have grabbed the lion's share of my creative time.

I LOVE making books!Botany.

Now, that's an interesting subject. It would make a great book . . .


  1. So glad you have else could we be showered with images such as these!
    Those are not books-they are treasures full of intention and the magic of your heart. Love how you "framed" botany and leave us wanting to search inside.

  2. Glad it has captured your attention. AND you are good at bookmaking! These are great! You are SO good at all the things you touch, Leslie!!


  3. leslie, this is SO beautiful! the binding technique that you're using looks like it creates a book that lays open nicely -- and it's so gorgeous! i also love making books. it's somehow satisfying in many ways... xo

  4. Finally someone gave a name to my problem. (AADD) I definitely suffer or should I say enjoy the same disorder.


  5. Oh... this has me totally captivated... my stitches are so ordinary compared to this exquisite binding...I am in love with it too! Roxanne

  6. OMG, Leslie this book is fantastic! What a beauty! So... when are you going to share a few of these with us and perhaps let go of a few? Is there an online store in your future? These are just terrific and I for sure would love to have one, as I'm sure many others wold.

  7. I love how you completely throw yourself into each new to see it spilling out all over!

  8. And it is something you excel in!

  9. oohhh...
    every thing is all neat
    and orderly
    and loverly
    will you just look at the up~close and personal

    like little kisses
    holding everything together...


    i am in awe,
    complete awe....

    you must
    have ever~so nimble fingers
    and fantastic near~vision...

    not to mention
    your camera could capture
    a gnat on a flea
    burrowed into a snowflake

    something like that.


  10. PS-->i love this---->
    AADD (art attention deficit disorder)

    ME TOO!

    you should see my library/studio/room-place/studio---->

    a Michael's mini~me...
    oh my1

  11. when I come back east, will you show me some of your treasures? absolutely amazingly beautifully fabulous. I am in awe..... and adoration!

  12. Hi Leslie: ohhhhhhh, myyyyyyy - I LOVE THIS STITCH !!!!! : ) love, love, love to make my own little books too. took a binding class on the coptic stitch and love it soo much I've made several as gifts just so I would not forget the stitch, ha : ) now you've come out with THIS ONE, ohhhhhh it is yummmmmmy : ) did LK teach this at your get together ?? I was hoping she would have a class at ArtUnraveled this year but nope :( I own her boooks and carry them everywhere with me and I am just itching to get her new one. sorrry, I can rattle on when I'm excited. just wanted to comment on how much I LOVE your blog, I check in everyday, and all your art and of course your ever sweet little grandbaby-man and his pal, ha : ) thanks for sharing : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ

  13. Love seeing your bookwork! What a fascinating endeavor.

  14. That is a gorgeous book!
    Where did you learn? I'm really attracted to books made utilizing the covers of old books.
    Love it.

  15. P.S.
    I have just started reading a book I bought about a year ago (that's how much I flit from one thing to the other) entitled "Botany for Gardeners".

  16. Beautiful Leslie!
    I may need to have a "reminder lesson" with you since I haven't had a minute to work since our workshop together.

  17. This got a gasp out me when I saw it. Amazing with a capital A. This binding is so beautiful and clever. And I am loving the colors too.

  18. Leslie, everything you put your hand to turns out a work of art. you are truly talented.

  19. GORGEOUS bookcover, Leslie! These are my favorite colours, too. You really are on a roll, creating incredible artwork!

  20. gorgeous Leslie!
    I have the same affliction
    so eager to learn this set of skills
    I have a Coptic class next week!
    right here a couple of towns over
    looking forward to that...

    xox - eb.

  21. Thank you for the lessons. I am enjoying my new skills.