Friday, June 12


Elizabeth suggested a wonderful cross-blog posting of the plates we all eat from everyday.I've gone through many plate patterns over the years, even switching between them depending on the season, but recently I've settled on two favorites. The first is this green pattern made by United Crafts -- a company I can no longer find. I'd love to expand my set of eight; these came from an Arts and Crafts show in Ashville, North Carolina. I ordered a few more pieces from them after that, and then poof, they disappeared.The other set of dishes we routinely use around here are these made by Rowe Pottery Works. They are from a Bob Timberlake/Old Salem collection.And you guessed it. They don't make these anymore either. I only have four sets of dinner/salad plates.While I don't eat off of this plate, it does make me smile.

You should head over to Elizabeth's blog and see what other folks eat from.


  1. I'm liking who Elizabeth is introducing me to with this plate throwdown. Nice to meet you!

    And I do believe that your top plate is in need of something pumpkiny. A muffin? Some cake? Love it!

  2. these are lovely plates! Each very beautiful in its own way...

  3. Every one of those plates (except the silver) would match my dining room perfectly. So sad when you can't find them, isn't it? Have you tried the site It's worth a shot!

    Thanks for following me. (Where did your other photo blog go?) I can't find it on your profile.


  4. Hello Leslie,

    Thanks for dropping by. You obviously love colour and texture in your crockery, which must add to the richness of the food!

  5. Leslie
    the top photo is your colors exactly
    well, they would be wouldn't they.
    Your photos, as ever, make me so thrilled to know you!
    see you on Tuesday.

  6. Hello! I've over from Elizabeth's blog. I am having some serious plate envy here!

  7. what a fabulous collection of plates - I have enjoyed seeing so many - we are all individuals I have to say

  8. lovely, lovely plates, and I enjoyed looking about at the rest of your blog too - loved the book you gave your Mom. Thanks to Elizabeth for sending me over here!

  9. I love plates with a raised pattern.

  10. This is great Leslie, to see your plates. Your are attracted to beautiful things. Thank you for reminding me, I need to go on the tour de plates!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. What fun to see peoples plates. Yours are just what I would have imagined you having.
    I know what you mean about not being able to find more of the plates that you are collecting...I have had the same thing happen to me.

    Leslie you are the winner of my guessing game. Please send me you address so that I can send you one of the little dolls.

  12. The colors of your plates are the colors that I think of when I think of you! AND, snips and perfect is this little gem...


  13. Great plates Leslie! The Old Salem Collection reminds me a lot about some traditional Portuguese pottery.
    And the first plate-what richness of color to display food on!

  14. Love all your plates, especially the last one. Extra special!


  15. What a cool post - love this idea!

  16. what pretty plates Leslie!

    xox - eb.