Sunday, June 21

Storey continued . . .

You asked for more photos of Barron Storey's journals that are on display at the Society of Illustrators until July 31, so here they are.
You can view even more images of his awesome work on Karen's and Susanna's blogs.
And, as always, you can get a closer view if you click on an image that grabs your attention.

I am inspired to sketch, to journal, (to work on my handwriting), and to visit this exhibit again before it leaves!


  1. Amazing work. Thanks for posting this.

  2. wow Leslie - what an astonishing haul of depth and generosity...

    xox - eb.

  3. HEY!
    will you get a load of the crow stuff!!!
    was I looking over your shoulder
    a crow cornucopia
    oh my oh my oh my...

    xox - eb.

  4. what an amazing talent ...I can't even imagine being able to capture snippets of the world in the way he does - his vision of what makes up each "object" in so unique. Does make me want to just sit and doodle the day away and see what comes though...
    Thanks for sharing the awesomeness !

  5. Seriously brilliant work! Thanks for sharing with us! I am so inspired and will probably have to revisit your wonderful blog, just to get my fix on this amazing post!

  6. oh my... i so wish you could travel back with me to journalfest!... i'm also hoping this is still on when we travel there? any chance?


  7. oh, wow. I am loving this.
    Thank you SO much for showing these pages!

  8. Leslie,
    What a treat! to return to blog visiting and seeing these images on your blogstock gals blogs.

    His work is astounding! I am getting lost in the detail and easy flow of the work. Thank you so much for sharing so many images, I can just HEAR the chatter over these gems.


  9. oh my, oh my, oh my... *everything*, but those crows!! this makes me want to keep practicing my contour drawing more and more and more... and get a journal with smoother paper for drawing and writing. i need a special journal for this -- i do...

  10. Just had to check in and take another peek before I head to Taos with the nichos!
    this work is sooo inspiring and I agree, I am going to polish up on the handwriting thing as well! thanks again for sharing! caterina

  11. Oh MY! July 31st, July 31st (making a mental note to make sure I get there before then).
    You know something, I was looking t some of his drawings and somehow my mind flew back to William Blake's art.
    Thank you for all these magic dear Leslie!

  12. Amazing talent he had. Makes me wonder how many hours he spent drawing and journaling.
    Thank you so much for posting these.

  13. Such talent! Such expression! Mind blowing, actually! The bagel girl! Wow! Thank you Leslie for sharing your crisp, clear and gigantic photos with us to enjoy. Simply amazing!


  14. It's so interesting to see what images you and Karen have chosen to show on your blogs. There were soooo many sketchbooks on display, weren't there? It was astonishing that he sketched so much and that he allowed visitors to the exhibition to actually pick them up for a better look. Anyway, I didn't see any of these sketchbook pages that day!

    In hindsight and after seeing these photos, Storey is really quite dark, isn't he? His sketches and thoughts are disturbing. It has me wondering what is going on with him, having these thoughts...?

  15. Oh my gosh, thank you a thousand times! What amazing work this is ...I will look at it again and again.
    And thank you for your thoughtful comments about my teaching situation... I am so lucky to have such support... Roxanne

  16. Hi Leslie,
    the pictures are wonderful, it is a great exhibit.
    I wish there was tie to read all the journals

  17. fabulous pages! Thanks for sharing these! LOVE your dog and the baby together pics too.