Sunday, July 26

Pure Experimentation

I have been an admirer of Mary Ann Moss for a long time.
I recently signed up for her Stencilry class.

I was late, but that's okay with her.
I have some time to catch up.

I'm still working on the first week's lessons. These are some portfolios I created using just one of her videos.
It's a good thing I have time. I'm loving this.

Thursday, July 16

It's never too early for some things . . .

Learning to use a paintbrush . . .
Framing your subject . . .
Napping . . .

Caveat emptor

They look so innocent. And I love them. Pine nuts.

Growing up in New Mexico, we called them Pinon nuts. They came from the state tree. They were good right from the pine cone, even better roasted and salted. I was so delighted when they showed up in the grocery stores here on the East Coast.

Until yesterday, when I discovered that pine nuts harvested in China can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

For days . . . weeks even.

Yuk. Day four and no relief in sight.

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Thursday, July 9

Happy Trails

After our pleasant experience at the remarkable zoo in Omaha last week, I thought it might be fun to take K to the Elmwood Park Zoo -- a small but sweet little zoo that is very close.It was a wonderful surprise for both of us that they offer pony rides!

They also have a wonderful playground area. This zoo is just geared for younger kids. We now have an annual membership there too.After our big morning, these pals curled up with a 'blankie' and puzzle to unwind.

Sunday, July 5

Fireworks, feathers and family

This past weekend, I flew to Nebraska with K and his folks to visit with our Midwest family.

My sister's house in Omaha was Command Central.

She has two dogs, two cats, a gecko, some fish, and a turtle . . . well, the turtle was alive when we arrived. . . we think.Kiran had a blast with all their pets -- but especially this nearly hugged-and-kissed-to-death kitten.He stopped just long enough (kind of) to have his photo taken with his great grandmother and cousins.We visited the Henry Doorly Zoo while we were there, and we'll go back for sure.

My sister's family has an annual pass. If I lived in Omaha, I'd have one too.This peacock was showing off for a female, but we enjoyed his display as well.My brother-in-law was able to recreate something similar in the front yard last night.

And we had nothing to do with the dead turtle. Just in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, July 1