Thursday, July 16

Caveat emptor

They look so innocent. And I love them. Pine nuts.

Growing up in New Mexico, we called them Pinon nuts. They came from the state tree. They were good right from the pine cone, even better roasted and salted. I was so delighted when they showed up in the grocery stores here on the East Coast.

Until yesterday, when I discovered that pine nuts harvested in China can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

For days . . . weeks even.

Yuk. Day four and no relief in sight.

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  1. I love pine nuts too!!! Brings to mind a very happy memory, the first time I discovered them I was in Portugal with family and discovered the pine cones had these woderful, delicious seeds inside...needless to say at the age of 12 I ate myself silly!

  2. Just say NO to pine nuts!

    I think we thought this might make for a good diet idea though.



  3. wowowo..

    LoVing the wonderful banner, missy!


    {{ don't you think
    the pup and boy
    to each other
    in some sort of
    ~~amazing & secret language~~

    oh i'm sure they do........

  4. I wondered where pinon nuts were coming from since the trees have been devastated from some sort of bug and not producing.

    yuck is right...

  5. Ewww! I love'm too, guess we cannot trust anything that comes out of China!

  6. Sorry to hear, Leslie. It's disturbing to hear we're importing food products from China. I don't trust there is any type of quality control for any type of Chinese products. Sounds negative but their track record isn't very encouraging.

    Hope things improve for you soon.

  7. Luckily I never had this experience and I am an avid eater of pine nuts. In Portugal we do have fun aiming at the opened pine cones on the trees and then eating the delicious pine seeds tastes so much better that the stuff we buy in the stores.

  8. I love pine nuts
    haven't come across any bad ones
    we get them organically
    at healthy living
    loving your guys
    and their new tricks
    Boone had his first show at 4
    never too early to
    encourage expression...

    xox - eb.

  9. I had no idea pignolli could give a person pine~mouth! Thank you for this information Leslie.
    Pinenuts have never been my fav & Maybe this is why.

    For pesto I've always used toasted almonds, pecans or walnuts instead.


  10. Now who would've thought...very interesting. Lesson: check the label for where they were harvested?

  11. wow!
    this is so weird! I've never experienced this! I love pine nuts, too, but maybe the ones from Trader Joe's aren't harvested in China? Or, maybe the pine mouth is a big improvement from my usual mouth?


    printing and reading, now.

  12. stink bugs come from China too. Hmmm, I sense a pattern.

  13. After you had the bad taste thing going on, did you notice that even the pine nuts tasted bitter too?