Sunday, July 5

Fireworks, feathers and family

This past weekend, I flew to Nebraska with K and his folks to visit with our Midwest family.

My sister's house in Omaha was Command Central.

She has two dogs, two cats, a gecko, some fish, and a turtle . . . well, the turtle was alive when we arrived. . . we think.Kiran had a blast with all their pets -- but especially this nearly hugged-and-kissed-to-death kitten.He stopped just long enough (kind of) to have his photo taken with his great grandmother and cousins.We visited the Henry Doorly Zoo while we were there, and we'll go back for sure.

My sister's family has an annual pass. If I lived in Omaha, I'd have one too.This peacock was showing off for a female, but we enjoyed his display as well.My brother-in-law was able to recreate something similar in the front yard last night.

And we had nothing to do with the dead turtle. Just in case you were wondering.


  1. Hi Leslie!
    I love Your 4th photos too!
    what a beautiful family you have!
    as always, I love your blog! the glimpse into your life is so loving and sweet!

  2. Looks like you all had a good time.
    Love the first photo of Kiran and the kitten...adorable. The photo of Great-grandmother is a memory maker.
    Clever you, peacock and fireworks...same pattern.

  3. How very special for Kiran!! His smile lights up the screen as much as the fireworks!!

  4. What a beautiful photos! Looks you all had a nice time together!
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hi Leslie - thanks for popping over to my blog. Yes - I have started the course on collage - Elizabeth tells me you do superb ones (I met her on a recent visit to New York). Do please keep in touch.

  6. Just stopped in to see what the boy and the dog are up to.
    I love your photography.

  7. So glad you all could make it. Kiran was absolutely adorable with that kitten, he really needs one of his very own! (did you know they have hypo-allergenic cats???)

  8. Your family photos.....and that includes the previous dog ones are so wonderful and full of love. I am so glad Atticus is doing, will you please come over and take care of MY bloat from the weekend.

  9. oh my
    i SO love the photo
    of kiran with the goat...

    you can almost see the young man
    he will become.
    {{ do you now what i mean? }}
    the way his face
    looks more Boy than Baby.


    to think i have know him since
    he was just a Widget
    there on the right!

    time zooomz by
    and babies turn into
    Real People!

    go figure....

  10. Loved the pictures of Kiran with the kitten.
    I think you would make a million dollars if you were to make a calendar of Kiran and his various chums -they make one really happy.

  11. Kiran and the kitten ...OMG...I could kiss them both to pieces.
    And to add to Elizabeth's idea of a Kiran and His Chums Calendar...I would be your first customer ;)

  12. oh my yes - the Henry Doorly Zoo! - isn't it wonderful? - we went many times when Boone was younger and that peacock shot is incredible as are all the rest - so sweet Kiran and all his animal friends - yep the goat hug - what a guy - Kiran that is...

    xox - eb.

  13. Wow.

    Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever have photos that look this good. Then I just print these out, and I do!

  14. please tell me the turtle wasn't harmed...

  15. these pictures are all *great* leslie... i love the way you have the one of k. with his great grandmother focused. and the ones with with the goat, and the kitten... as my father would say, prize winners...

  16. Your grandson is going to have the BEST childhood photo album, Leslie. You take such awesome portraits of him. And he's becoming quite the little man, isn't he? Does he look alot like his father? And yes, the photographs of the peacock plumes and the fireworks are very similar and very cool.

  17. AWW!! Dusty was sooo patient, it really shocked me!!

    ~Shelby Renee :)