Sunday, August 23


A couple of years ago I found this little Victorian album, which was in pretty bad shape. Like many things (too many things), I bought it with the thought that I would be able to create something with it someday.
I've recently been inspired by a piece that Judy created for a workshop she's teaching in Cortona, Italy, and also by something of Keith Lo Bue's that I saw in this book. AND by this book that I shot a year ago.
So someday arrived this weekend.

I'm still feeling a little cabochon for the middle of the medallion on the spine . . .

Thursday, August 20

Another Thursday, and you know what that means . . .

This is what happens around here when you say the word "garage." Kiran thinks he's going to sit on a motorcycle, and I'm not sure what Atticus thinks.

Tuesday, August 18

Another book

This book was made using the same basic technique Judy taught at Bee's studio, but the outside is a little different. It was inspired by her sign-in book. (If you've taken a workshop from Judy, then you've seen the book I'm talking about.)

I can't show you the entire thing, because it's going to be a gift, and I want the book's title to be a surprise.
I was able to save the red ribbon bookmark from the original book and added it to this one as well as some pages.

Sunday, August 16

Armed and Inspired

It happens every time I attend an art workshop: I come home full of new techniques and eager to create.The most recent workshops I took with Judy Wilkenfeld are no different. (Well, maybe I'm a bit more inspired, as she is my creative muse.)These are just a few snippets of a project I'm working on -- techniques I learned this month from Judy. Like embossing velvet.Like turning the things at hand (a box lid) into precious "antiques."This project is far from finished, but I am approaching it armed with a deep well of inspiration.And this is my find of the day. It's an old door handle, and it's huge -- 17 inches tall! It will eventually grace the cover of an equally huge book.
*Do you think this image is up-side-down? Which side is the top of this handle?

Thursday, August 13

Atticus has a day at the spa, or something like that . . .

Nothing like a rain-water wrap to nourish and hydrate . . . . . . before a traditional eastern massage that provides firm pressure with "back walking," stimulating pressure points along the energy meridians. . .. . . followed by a specialized facial that doesn't end with your face."Hey, you are leaving a tip, aren't you?"

Monday, August 10

Judy, Judy, Judy

I have been a fan of Judy Wilkenfeld's book art since the very first time I saw it.I've followed her blog like a star-struck teenaged girl follows the Jonas Brothers.I don't know if mixed-media artists have groupies, but if they do, I count myself among Judy's.So if you need someone to organize a fan club or anything Judy, just let me know.Because I love your art and the things you've inspired me to create . . . Did anyone else attend your back-to-back U.S. workshops on both the West and East Coasts?
I didn't think so.

Your biggest fan