Sunday, August 16

Armed and Inspired

It happens every time I attend an art workshop: I come home full of new techniques and eager to create.The most recent workshops I took with Judy Wilkenfeld are no different. (Well, maybe I'm a bit more inspired, as she is my creative muse.)These are just a few snippets of a project I'm working on -- techniques I learned this month from Judy. Like embossing velvet.Like turning the things at hand (a box lid) into precious "antiques."This project is far from finished, but I am approaching it armed with a deep well of inspiration.And this is my find of the day. It's an old door handle, and it's huge -- 17 inches tall! It will eventually grace the cover of an equally huge book.
*Do you think this image is up-side-down? Which side is the top of this handle?


  1. beautiful Leslie! Looks like the second workshop got further than the first one. so are you going to share how to emboss velvet?

  2. ~~~Like embossing velvet~~~

    are you serious?


    ♥ ♥ ♥
    if you emboss rich, ruby~red velvet
    i am sneaking
    in your window


  3. Great book Leslie! Love the leather cover, and the fabulous door handle.

  4. i think the door handle *is* upside down. it's the key hole that is the give away. normally keys go in at the bottom of the circle.

  5. Stiffy!
    You are too kind....
    Tell anonymous you are not going to give away he embossing velvet tech, that why people pay for classes.

  6. Glad you enjoyed Judys class she is a amazing talent and teacher and she is Aussie Hoorah

  7. How exciting and beautiful. I adore embossing velvet...*whisper* you can use the same technique on thin leather ...just do it inside out.
    Beautiful work, your muse is very talented also.

  8. You live a magical wonderful life!! I must have ADD--I cannot seem to sit still long enough to finish a book page much less see the secret desires of a box lid, velvet, and leather!!!
    keep sharing your magic--you inspire me!!

  9. you have treated our eyes to so many delicious goodies today! wow!! i will coming back again and again today to spy these beauties!

  10. Stunning work Leslie. You have taken these techniques and really run with them. The glimpses are so rich and warm. Cannot wait to see the how it all comes together.

  11. i'm glad you gave us some more peeks, leslie... it's so *rich*!

    we're waiting for more...

    ; )

  12. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    xox - eb.

  13. Leslie your work is lush and rich..and that doorhandle! OMG,I can't wait to see the finished book.

  14. I forsee a huge Gothic work in your future :-D present work is looking good
    :-) Juliet

  15. Really beautiful work, Leslie!

  16. Don't let Jennifer see that door handle - she's going to want it for herself! But she'd use it as a door handle...on a door! Imagine that?!
    What's inside the cover of the book? it looks like pieces of glass - like in a kalidescope.

  17. These photographs are so golden and filled with mystique and depth, as though I could reach in and touch this book... The binding is beautiful, and each phase is a treasure, and I love the door handle! Now I am off to look again... Roxanne

  18. Oh...the colors, the rich! Embossing velvet, huh. You never cease to amaze us. Please do show us the MAsTERPIECE after you finish it.
    I think you definitely are making Judy proud ;)