Monday, August 10

Judy, Judy, Judy

I have been a fan of Judy Wilkenfeld's book art since the very first time I saw it.I've followed her blog like a star-struck teenaged girl follows the Jonas Brothers.I don't know if mixed-media artists have groupies, but if they do, I count myself among Judy's.So if you need someone to organize a fan club or anything Judy, just let me know.Because I love your art and the things you've inspired me to create . . . Did anyone else attend your back-to-back U.S. workshops on both the West and East Coasts?
I didn't think so.

Your biggest fan


  1. Great post Leslie. And you can count me in as a Judy groupie too! Maybe we can call ourselves the Wilkenfeldians! Amazing class and so wonderful to meet you. Your book is Beautiful with a capital B!

  2. WOW I wondered where you have been.
    Your book is BEAUTIFUL!
    I will defenitly check out Judy's work, and I think its safe to say... your a Groupie. Ha ha

  3. I knew from Judy's FB posts that y'all were having a good time. I am so excited for you!!!
    I'm a goupie from afar as I've taken Michael's class and have seen and briefly talked with Judy in that context.
    I would love to learn how to make amazing books.
    When the time is right I will.
    Until then, I drool over yours, and Judy's.
    Glad you had such a good time away.

  4. So that's where you have been...I missed you, but I understand :)

  5. I think someone's got a girl crush! Love this little homage to Judy, you crack me up!

  6. So cute! Love it Leslie. Thanks for the compliment but I am just as big a fan of yours as you know. Not to mention Jack being the best coffee maker ever!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for the compliments - much appreciated!

  7. WOW, did you really get to do that. Now I'm just sooooo jealous. I love Judy too. Hope to see more of you book.

  8. what a Wonderful fan*letter*blog!


    i hope she sends you
    ~~ A Free Pass ~~
    to another one

    i would ♥

  9. Hilarious, Leslie. I smell a restraining order......xoSusan

  10. Dear Stiffie:

    Your adoration of Judy is obvious... But I had the satisfaction of having Judy give me that "Come hither" look, provided I was steaming the milk for her morning coffee while I was hithering.

    And it was a real thrill to have dinner with Karen Kole, Michele Ward, and Judi Riesch. It was utterly amazing how the discussion at one end of the table was about color, light, and various techniques to capture both; while Karen's husband Bob and I discussed motorcycle horsepower, the vitamin content of cigars, and the healing properties of rum. Art does bring out the best in everyone.

    Even more amazing was the fact that I had Judy calling you "Stiffie," by the end of dinner. Although I am shocked at the ladies lockeroom explanation most women assume it stems from.

    It was just great, Stiffie. You artists certainly known how to show a couple of guys a good time.

    From the guy whose office is separated from your studio by a kitchen.


  11. Darn I missed the workshop. Indeed Judy’s work is truly inspiring.

  12. I wondered where you were! You do such lovely work. I'm so envious! I can barely figure out what color to paint the bedroom!!! (I ended up sponging 3 different shades of blue, with a cream to blend it all.) And you've piqued my curiosity...

  13. awesome post! hey, seth, i want to be a Wilkenfeldian too!

  14. Wow... your class sounds amazing... I want to see more! Roxanne

  15. LOVE your homage to Judy and all the comments forthwith. :-) GREAT reading! I didn't get to work on my book as I had planned during the rest of my vacation. I'll have to wait a few weeks or so to get back to it while I catch up on life. But after reading this post, I may have to reconsider my priorties!!!

    I soooo enjoyed spending time with you! I'll be looking forward to the next time our paths cross!

    Big hugs,

  16. Love your fun HOMAGE! and really love the book you made!

  17. Me too!! Me too! I want to be in Judy's Fan Club!! Great post, your a funny girl Leslie!


  18. great post! you are the cutest thing ever! as a fellow groupie, if you ever do create a fan club and need a website, i volunteer to design it. haha! :) i bet you twenty bucks that is available...

  19. This is the are good, in so may ways!!!

    want to see more MORE!

  20. well...
    this post
    and the comments
    are rich indeed
    oh Jack!
    I too...
    have given you that
    come thither look
    many a time...

    xox - eb.

  21. Wonderful post and count me in on the fan club. Judy is one amazing lady!

  22. really fun post Leslie. I'm so glad I got to meet you, Judy and Dede. That was the highlight of the year for me!

    Love "my"!

  23. Okay.

    So,now I know who's been at my house taking pictures.