Thursday, September 10

"Do you think I could get a picture without the dog in it?" she said . . .

Well, that's a reasonable request, but it's not as easy as you might think.This is just how things stack up when K is here.There is always a dog (and his blankie) in the background.Or the foreground.And we kind of like it that way.

So, I PhotoShopped Atticus out of the picture . . . but just for the framed version.


  1. Too cute! I love your photos. I'll have my first grandson soon & I hope I'll get the chance to get some cute pictures. What treasures!

  2. oh


    i am so happy
    you have these days!


    {{ i so hope this dog lives forever
    or this boy will be lost }}

  3. German Shepherds sure do love their people, and their people couldn't live with out them. :)

  4. Atticus is such a great & protective friend to Kiran! It touches my heart to see. They are BOTH adorable Leslie. Photoshop out Atticus? NO WAY!!! How can you be Snips and Snails without puppydog tails?

    Happy Weekend!!!

  5. I like that Atticus is in ALL of the photos. You can tell the two of them are inseperable buddies.

  6. You didn't! Poor Atticus. I love them together. And Kiran has on the cutest pants, and those little socks. That's why Atticus was looking at you like that in the last pic...he knew what you were planning to do!!

  7. I lOve that photo of Super K riding on the back of his trusty steed Atticus! So funny!!

  8. Just beautiful! Your pictures will never stop to amaze me!

  9. oh how I love these pix! delightful!
    I grew up with a german shepherd and there was such love between us and loyalty and fierce protection ... I have never forgotten her and I bet she (wherever she is) still remembers me!
    I am sure it will be the same for Atticus and Kiran....

  10. They are adorable together!!!

  11. Attached at the hip those two sweet friends!!

  12. WHAT?!
    No one puts Atticus in the...




    anyway, I have thrown down the gauntlet on my latest blog post, so I figured I should let you know.

    well, not really thrown it down as much as, never had it to begin with!

  13. Ohhh how I love seeing your photographs of A & K. Best buddies to the end, I think. Your photos always put a smile on my face, Leslie. :)