Wednesday, September 2


CornThe season has almost passed.

I've been serving it often, and I've already frozen one batch of creamed corn.
It makes a mess, but it is so nice to pull out this treat during the winter. So I spent yesterday preparing my second batch of corn for the freezer.

This is my grandmother's recipe:

Creamed Corn

8 cups uncooked corn (1 dozen ears usually equals this)
1/4 cup milk
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 stick butter
2-3 tsp. salt

Remove the corn kernels from the cob. (I use an angel food cake pan, stand the ear up in the center and cut the kernels off. They fall into the pan.)

Combine all of the above in a heavy pan. Bring it to a boil. Let cool. Freeze.

Make sure you have your cardiologist on speed-dial.
I found just the right citrine cabochon for my Victorian album.And I've been hunting more old Victorian albums to infuse with new life. This one is gorgeous!So is this one, but it needs some TLC.

I'll be opening an Etsy shop soon.

That, or I'll be appearing on Hoarders.
And, I'm thrilled to be published here. Thanks Dede, for inviting me to join in your Halloween round robin!


  1. shall I look for you on Hoarders?
    will you post a before shot of your Keretin treated hair? if you do, I will!
    what great book covers you've found - what will you do with the discarded innards?

  2. oh, I made the corn today! what a chore taking the kernals off the cob. I was covered in corn juice. I may have to make more since I got 5 baggies to freeze and I want MORE!

  3. Oh those photo albums are gorgeous! And I have to confess I clicked on the "hoarders" link thinking it'd be the good kind of hoarding (like my craft room) but was scary hoarding. :-)

    And SUPER congrats on being published!!! Your work and style are awesome, Leslie.


  4. Loved your corn recipe! I grew up on a muck farm in Michigan as a young child (moved to the southwest when I was in 3rd grade) it was my job to use a razor blade to remove the was the 50's! kids with razors!!!!! but oh my! nothing tastes as good as home canned creamed corn!
    Anyway, enough of corn!!! congrats on being published! no matter how many times you get published, it is still a thrill! enjoy!

  5. Love the whole shebang... the corn, the magazine, BUT especially that book in need of some tlc, oh it's perfect!!! I have loads of tlc for just such an old treasure! After time on your capable hands, I know it will be ever better!!

  6. delish... all of it! oh man those books you found are yummy too! i'm all for you having an etsy site! wink wink... love that we all share pages together in the mag... thank goodness for art & soul hampton 08... what a year!


  7. What a delight reading your post this morning. A new recipe, beautiful Victorian albums, LOL esty to Hoarders and then to discover you were also posted in Somereset. Can't wait to read your article. Bravo....

  8. OK, now my mouth is watering. can't wait to attempt the corn recipe. Now i know who is bidding against me on ebay for those books. can't wait til your etsy site is up, it should be fabulous! GOOD FOR YOU AND CONTRATULATIONS!! being published in Somerset is wonderful. Can't wait til it hits the stands.

  9. Mmmmm...corn fresh from the your recipe for freezing! Thank you for sharing!
    Congrats on being published...I'll get a copy!

  10. creamed corn over mashed potatoes is a favorite among the testosterone crowd in my house...thanks for posting the recipe!

  11. Hoarders! HA!

    I saw this issue today! I couldn't get it yet, but I have it on my list! Congrats. How cool.

  12. I am so jealous!! MY corn had stunted ears, what survived the opossums and coons and squirrels...sigh.

    Lovely covers, lady, as usual.

  13. Oh Leslie, these books are so wonderful... I just want to hold them and keep them on my coffee table to look at forever... Roxanne

  14. There's no corn like the corn in your neck of the woods. Makes me finally understand fresh corn on the cob!!
    Excited that you will be published in the Somerset with the Halloween RR!!


  15. Okay my dear, off I go to B&N to get your magazine. Can't wait to check it out!
    You do such deep and interesting work. I adore it!

    Your shop will be a success. I have no doubt.



  16. the hoarders comment made me snort my wine.

  17. And CONGRATULATIONS! I bought a copy of that one to keep!!