Sunday, September 27

Squam was the interval

Our Squam adventure actually began in Charlotte, Vermont, when e.b. picked us up from the airport in Burlington.
While in Vermont, we shared time hunting for hole-y and striped stones on the shores of Lake Champlain where Elizabeth and her family live.As guests of e.b. and her family, we were treated to all the comforts of home as well as the fruits of fall.A trip to Shelburne Orchards yielded apples that led to . . .
a delicious pie baked by e.b.'s charming son Boone
and cider doughnuts for breakfast.
Evening found us wandering this calming labyrinth, which was just the thing to get us in the mood for Squam . . .where a cabin on Squam Lake was the perfect setting for what was to come.An evening bonfire with the music of Jonatha Brooke warming the chilly fall air . . .walks through the woods for meals and classes . . . cozy evenings by firelight with friends . . . We looked with our hearts . . .
and we saw them . . .
Our paths were lit by ice lanterns . . .
carved from the lake.
Our cabin ice-boxes were cooled by the same ice, kept over the summer in this ice house.We witnessed beautiful sunsets
and skies filled with stars . . .
lots of stars.
And we danced with our shadows at every opportunity.
We skipped stones (or at least watched Isabel skip stones).
And we marveled at how seamlessly art melded with nature.
Yes . . . the interval between a yawn and a sigh.



  1. what a wonderful post...thanks for sharing your trip with us!!!

  2. It all looks amazing! Beautiful pictures that tell a lovely story.

  3. Leslie, the photos are all amazing - i wish i was there - it all looks so alluring. I am in awe

  4. Stunning photographs, Leslie. Thank you for taking us with you.

  5. Beautiful Leslie. So glad that we could spend that time together and that you, oh great one with the camera, could document everything.

    Your necklace looks stunning and that book......well, what a display device!

  6. Beautifully written and photographed Leslie. You certainly live life to the fullest... well done!

  7. what a wonderful post! thanks for taking me along!

  8. oh Leslie
    this post takes up residence
    in my heart of hearts
    to share
    and to BE with dear friends
    in the bliss of nature
    and OH - how you have captured
    this bliss I know
    as my home
    and to BE together here
    is the sigh
    most thankfully...

    xox - eb.

  9. I am overwhelmed by the eloquent beauty of your photographs!
    Now I almost don't feel so bad that I did not attend this Squam retreat.

  10. What a wonderful post on friendship and art.
    They were roasting peppers and picking pinion nuts while I was in NM...I thought of you :)

  11. such beautiful photographs, i feel like i was there peeking around a corner, seeing, hearing and feeling squamish happenings. my desire to attend next year is even stronger now, thank you for sharing.

  12. Wonderful photos :-) I wish my Fairy tree stump house looked like that 1st photo :-) Juliet

  13. Leslie,
    You captured magic here...I can see this place and experience will be held in a very special place in your heart.

    Maybe next year...I would love to try to make it happen.


  14. Your story of Squam is so beautifully illustrated and composed, Leslie ! Just beautiful ! I am so glad to have been there with you and to share those sweet sighs of memory.
    Cheers, Housemate !

  15. I finally got here and don't want to leave.
    So much to read and see. So many memories taking forever residence in my heart.
    I cherish it all. And how awesome was that book where we found these words.
    i have yet to reply to your lovely emails and I can't get over the fact we were taking shots of indian pipes without knowing.
    Isn't life something beautiful and perfectly timed. Every blessing so perfectly fitting us.

    Miss our time together!



  16. What a wonderful experience you all had together. But of course - you all, afterall, Groovy Divas! Really, your photographs show the warm, cozy, creative essence of Squam. And I imagine that Eb's home is welcoming and oh so joyfully, spiritually art-filled, too.

    I heard that the camp staff started a fire in the fireplaces of the cabins each night...sigh!!! And now, to read of the iceblocks... It's those little details that make a place extra special.

  17. Leslie you are an amazing photographer!!!! So glad you had a wonderful time. Thanks for coming over to my blog. It's still very lame but I'll get there some day. It was great meeting you at Judys class. I hope our paths cross again soon.

  18. Amazing photos! Amazing adventure! Too bad I can't type this in green -- as in green with envy! Enjoy!!!

  19. beautiful post!!! and you captured the night was my favorite memory of squam and so lovely to see it here.

  20. and to think I was there too! It was lovely meeting you and I look forward to more pictures of your gorgeous puppy and adorable grandson.


  21. Wonderful post. Your pictures capture the essence of Squam beautifully.

  22. what a wonderful post and such gorgeous photos -- you are an amazing photographer!

  23. Such bliss
    next year I'll come with you!
    Super evocative pictures
    much love

  24. A fabulous Post Leslie!!!
    Thank you for taking us along.
    Your photos and words say it all!
    Lot's of hearts.
    Just wonderful!


  25. Yes, that is all very nice...

    ...but a pie baked by Boone ?!?!!!

  26. accidentally
    re-living this bliss
    and the BEauty
    you capture so well...

    xox - eb.

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