Saturday, October 31

Well, hello Miss Sophie!

Sophie sleeps a lot. Her mom says that she sleeps about 23 hours a day. Sophie's dad was a good sleeper too. So I consider myself very lucky to catch this flash of those lovely blue eyes.

Friday, October 30

Halloween brings folks together

While I'd have gotten around to posting about this at some point, it was the prompt of Elizabeth that prodded me into doing it now . . . . when it is relevant. Check out her blog for links to more Halloween fun.

In January, I was invited by Dede Warren to participate in a Halloween round robin with four other women -- the first time I'd been asked to share in this sort of fun and I eagerly accepted!I chose a Book of Shadows as my theme -- a witch's journal of sorts.This is my spread.

What fun to work in all the books and to see the art that came back in my own!

Although we live in many parts of the country, I have met almost everyone who participated in this RR , and I count them all among my friends. I have learned so much from each of them!

(I am sharing everyone's work in the order in which it appears in my book.)This is the spread that Keli created in my book. I adore this woman's work, her choice of colors and material, her patience and generosity, and her laugh . . . as well as her spirit. I have learned so much about spirit from Keli.The next person to work in my book was Dede. Dede and I met at my very first art outing, and we've been good friends ever since. I've stayed at her house and she's stayed at mine, and rarely does a week pass when we don't talk on the phone, even though we live on opposite coasts.From Dede I learned that there is no point in merely keeping a lucky rabbit's foot when you could keep the entire rabbit. And that it's good to paint your house inside and out before company arrives. (She actually did this.) Oh, and that you don't have to share blood to be sisters.

Next, my book landed in Texas, with the only member of this group that I have yet to meet face to face. Mendy is a fellow dog lover, a teacher, a wife and mother, and a terrific artist. This is her lovely contribution to my book.From Mendy I learned that even mermaids can soar!The last person to work on my book (or really the first, but the one who chose the last pages) was my dear friend e.b.. Above is her spread. e.b. is the first blogging buddy that I ever met in person. I will never forget taking the ferry across Lake Champlain toward her house and being met by her walking down the dirt road, carrying flowers.

e.b. and I have been friends ever since, and she was my first (but not my last!) experience of people being just as they seem to be on their blogs. e.b. taught me to let the art take me where it will.

Thanks friends for the gift of your art and your friendship and yourselves.Wishing you all the elements for a happy Halloween!


Sunday, October 25

Great Pumpkin Express

I spent the afternoon on a haunted train with J & K and their sweet little family.

The ride took about 90 minutes and the cars were filled with costumed kids and their folks.

Oh, and some ghoulish characters passing out candy and Halloween greetings.Kiran loved the M&Ms . . . . . . but he wasn't so sure about the witch that passed them out.Sophie just slept . . .and slept . . . and slept, through the entire afternoon!Arrgh!

Wednesday, October 21

Art and The City

I was fortunate to spend almost a week with two of my best girlfriends last week.
That's us in the middle . . . okay, not really, but hum along.
Yes, this happened to be when my grand daughter arrived, but still we managed to fit in a ton of art.

The first thing we did was to shop a local flea market. Sorry, no photos; we were too busy shopping.The next day we went to NYC. To Metaliforous, M & J Trims, to Tinsel Trading . . .We visited many NYC stores, but the most notable was this one - the secret stash.An amazing store and incredible mess.I bought this (plus, plus, plus!).and made this -- a total copy of my good friend Karen Cole's work.

More to come . . .


Friday, October 16

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Sweet little Sophie arrived safely last night. Oh, the places these feet are going to take her!

Friday, October 9

This is where it all happens . . . (such as IT is)

I feel very fortunate to see my studio featured in the fall issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Studio.Especially since I'm featured in such 'neat' light.
Things don't always look like this around here.
In fact, they rarely do.
But you might understand about that.

*photos by Roy Groething.
Check me out here.

Thursday, October 1

Some things change . . .

Today was Kiran's mom's last day of work . . . for the foreseeable future.Which is perfectly understandable, as her second child (the eagerly anticipated Sophie) will be arriving in the next few weeks.
I'm looking forward to Sophie's arrival mightily, I'm just not eager about removing the Kiran stamp from my Thursdays.
It's not like I will no longer be able to spend time with this sweet, helpful kid, as his folks only live 15 minutes away.
It's just that Thursdays have been our day for the last year and a half.
Our day to do whatever we want . . .
Chatting with friends.

Kissing them. (I swear this goat is smiling, and I also swear there was a Purell bath after this kiss.)

Embracing them.
Savoring old friendships.

Sharing jokes.
Watching for squirrels.

Not everything changes.