Friday, October 30

Halloween brings folks together

While I'd have gotten around to posting about this at some point, it was the prompt of Elizabeth that prodded me into doing it now . . . . when it is relevant. Check out her blog for links to more Halloween fun.

In January, I was invited by Dede Warren to participate in a Halloween round robin with four other women -- the first time I'd been asked to share in this sort of fun and I eagerly accepted!I chose a Book of Shadows as my theme -- a witch's journal of sorts.This is my spread.

What fun to work in all the books and to see the art that came back in my own!

Although we live in many parts of the country, I have met almost everyone who participated in this RR , and I count them all among my friends. I have learned so much from each of them!

(I am sharing everyone's work in the order in which it appears in my book.)This is the spread that Keli created in my book. I adore this woman's work, her choice of colors and material, her patience and generosity, and her laugh . . . as well as her spirit. I have learned so much about spirit from Keli.The next person to work in my book was Dede. Dede and I met at my very first art outing, and we've been good friends ever since. I've stayed at her house and she's stayed at mine, and rarely does a week pass when we don't talk on the phone, even though we live on opposite coasts.From Dede I learned that there is no point in merely keeping a lucky rabbit's foot when you could keep the entire rabbit. And that it's good to paint your house inside and out before company arrives. (She actually did this.) Oh, and that you don't have to share blood to be sisters.

Next, my book landed in Texas, with the only member of this group that I have yet to meet face to face. Mendy is a fellow dog lover, a teacher, a wife and mother, and a terrific artist. This is her lovely contribution to my book.From Mendy I learned that even mermaids can soar!The last person to work on my book (or really the first, but the one who chose the last pages) was my dear friend e.b.. Above is her spread. e.b. is the first blogging buddy that I ever met in person. I will never forget taking the ferry across Lake Champlain toward her house and being met by her walking down the dirt road, carrying flowers.

e.b. and I have been friends ever since, and she was my first (but not my last!) experience of people being just as they seem to be on their blogs. e.b. taught me to let the art take me where it will.

Thanks friends for the gift of your art and your friendship and yourselves.Wishing you all the elements for a happy Halloween!



  1. oh, this is a treat, leslie... what sweet energy and great art fill this book. my absolute favorite part is keli's 'spirit' getting stronger and stronger. love this!

  2. Your book of shadows is AMAZING.
    Today we celebrate Halloween at school, what a wonderful start to my day.

  3. This is exciting, rich, spiritual...and so so CREATIVE!
    How much fun you all must had creating these pages. I can't wait for ours :)

  4. oh, leslie!
    you all did soooo goood!


    this TOTALLY gives new meaning
    to the concept of~~Treasure~~

    i see your colors gleaming
    and feel
    i have steping into a magic place....

    """let the art
    take me where it will"""

  5. what a gorgeous feast for the eyes and heart, your story of your friendships was so uplifting!

  6. I love how everyone's work is their own but the synergy of working together always makes magic.



  7. Leslie,
    This is not only a beautiful book but such lovely tributes to all your wonderful friends.

    an inspiration to be sure!

  8. I am thrilled to see the great art fill this book. It looks very very beautiful. nice creativity. enjoyed your blog and each and every picture on your blog.

  9. Oh yes, these pages are magic and spellbinding indeed. What a treasure

  10. this post is just exquisite in all ways!!==> for the work done, >the spirit in which it was created and gifted, and >joining of friends...the making of dear friends. how gorgeous it all is. how sweet to meet e g welcoming you with flowers.

  11. A beautiful collection from your mystical soul sisters. A delicate web holds this magic together. How wonderful to have found one another.

  12. Leslie, I'm so thrilled to actually get to see ALL of the work and know which pages were beautifully made by each of you and as Stephanie says, your words about each person is a treasure in itself. Congrats on the completion of this amazing rr.

  13. wonderful book of shadows.


  14. Very cool, as usual! I wish I were half as creative as you. Happy Halloween!

  15. What a fantastic Round Robin! I have been clicking on them all and taking in all of the wonderful detail...just beautiful.

    Hope you're having a wonderful Halloween weekend.

  16. Happy Halloween! This is a BEAUTIFUL book!!

  17. This book is so unbelievably COOL, Leslie! Really! I think this has to be the coolest, most magical handmade book I have ever seen! I want one!!! There are so many great ideas here...I especially like the vials of mysterious somethings. Thank you for showing this piece.

  18. I remember you talking of this project. Well worth the wait to see the finished product. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

  19. such a beautiful book
    so wonderful to see all the pages
    honored to be a part of it
    and so touched by your kind and loving heart
    you make the best of friends...

    xox - eb.

  20. The book is beautiful. I can't believe all that beautiful art fits in a book that actually closes. What a treat.

  21. This book takes my breath away!! Wow!

  22. Spectacular book!! Wish I could see this one in person!!!!

  23. Awesome book! Would love to have a peek at the other books created :)
    Hope all is well... xo Deb