Thursday, October 1

Some things change . . .

Today was Kiran's mom's last day of work . . . for the foreseeable future.Which is perfectly understandable, as her second child (the eagerly anticipated Sophie) will be arriving in the next few weeks.
I'm looking forward to Sophie's arrival mightily, I'm just not eager about removing the Kiran stamp from my Thursdays.
It's not like I will no longer be able to spend time with this sweet, helpful kid, as his folks only live 15 minutes away.
It's just that Thursdays have been our day for the last year and a half.
Our day to do whatever we want . . .
Chatting with friends.

Kissing them. (I swear this goat is smiling, and I also swear there was a Purell bath after this kiss.)

Embracing them.
Savoring old friendships.

Sharing jokes.
Watching for squirrels.

Not everything changes.


  1. This blog is beautiful- I love your photo essays!

  2. I look forward to Thursday evenings so I can see your latest posts of Kiran!

  3. I am so glad there is a next generation of goat kissers and that I am not alone in this world. There's no photographer when I spend bliss filled hours in a pasture with a sheep laying at one side, a goat laying behind and a 6 month old calf laying at my other side... I wish there were. We'd all be smiling our secret smiles, as Kiran and his goat friends did...

  4. When is Kieran starting his own blog. He is just getting more gorgeous by the minute

  5. Oh Kiran looks adorable! I am sure he will miss your thursdays as much as you will. But 15 minutes away!!! Oh my dear that is a hug away!!!

    Soon you'll be covering that distance and hugging two instead of one. Lucky grandma!



  6. smiling thru misty eyes!
    I can really FEEL all the emotion that you felt as you captured this with your beautiful photography .....sigh
    and that goat was smiling... absolutely!

  7. My heart sings when I see photos of Kiran. I have come to think of him as one of my own :)
    You lucky, lucky person to have him only 15 minutes away...and little Sophie soon to come to you magical world. xoxo

  8. He is gorgeous!!! I think you'll be surprised when that little baby comes, even with mom home I bet your Thursdays come back to you. He'll be missing you and so will mom. Your pictures are fabulous. Just the way you catch a moment. You are so talented leslie!!!!! I enjoy your lovely blog very much.

  9. I hope you will still both take the time to have days just for the two of you. Kiran may need them even more when his sister arrives ! What a beautiful, beautiful boy !

  10. Those are just wonderful shots, Leslie! What a wonderful journal!

  11. oh such sweet moments! My favorite one is "the embrace"
    AND of course....the one with the grey blankie stuffed up your dogs nose! He is so cute with his blankie!

  12. Your photos are just amazing! The ones with goats and the kiss in particular are priceless.

  13. Oh Leslie. Kiran's beautiful face, Atticus with his little guy and his blankie, your photography and then your touching words....well, I get all blubbery and have to walk away!! sigh. I hope he's back soon.

  14. Dear Leslie,
    Look at your sweet ones!
    Kirin is so handsome~ And Atticus so sweet.
    Will be thinking of Sofie's safe arrival.
    Maybe you and Kirin can always keep your Thursday date? It would be a special thing he will always remember.
    Since you have a special friendship with your two guys. ;-)
    Have a lovely Saturday.
    Keep creating beauty!!

  15. Mom may want you to keep your Thursdays and we all know new babies
    are a handful and won't Atticus just
    be heartbroken without his best friend.

    Love the goat kiss, aren't we all supposed to eat a pound of dirt in our lifetime?



  16. I love the one with K and A looking out the window. Very cute and shows such a bond and friendship. I'm sure mom will want some help so cross your fingers that those days will not be long gone! My new grandbaby arrived. I look forward to babysitting on Fridays so I can get him used to the camera at a very early age! :)

  17. Cute post. I'm curious, in the last photo of Atticus and Kiran, is Atticus standing next to Kiran? if so, this just gives me an idea of how really big this gentle giant is.

  18. Hi Stacey,
    Yes, Atticus and Kiran are both standing in that last photo. A is 140 pounds of best friend!

  19. I'm with Isabel
    good golly Leslie - Kiran is a movie star - and that goat! - your camera does magic - well - you do - the two of you...

    missing you myself

    I'll take up the Thursday slack - if need be...

    xox - eb.

  20. Leslie, the love you feel for this child and he feels for you, is palpable. My heart beat faster with each photo. This is a love that will last forever, no matter what day it is.

  21. Yeah! A blog for Kiran and a blog for Atticus and a blog for Sophie!

  22. what gorgeous photos, as usual. i love goats -- had them growing up. i agree that that goat was smiling (though who wouldn't with a sweet kiss like that!).

  23. Leslie,
    how very bitter have these amazing memories and PHOTOGRAPHS to remember your special times.

    You'll have Many MANY more, your right, things just change....

  24. Oh, my guess as a mom of three littles, that once that new baby is home, Thursday will continue gratefully. Kiran will need that special one-on-one time so much, and mama will need a chance to sleep when the baby sleeps....

  25. Dear Leslie... your life is so full with love and adventure these days... gosh, I wish I could have been at squam, and I wish for you more beautiful Thursdays. Roxanne (my last comment today!)

  26. Leslie- Just came over from "your" day on 31/31 on The Altered Page. What wonderful, wonderful moments shown here with Kiran. I can easily see why that year-and-a-half of Thursdays meant so much! Absolutely love what I have seen of your artist books! The images and descriptive details of your life growing up in Nebraska, California, and New Mexico, from your self portrait in the book (including the line representation of Atticus!), are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Leslie- Just came ovwer from 'your' day on 31/31 on The Altered Page. Your photographs, here, are wonderful! I can see why that year-and-a-half of Thursdays with Kiran, meant so much! I've got a two granddaughters (ages 4 and 1), who live nearby, and I certainly delight in the time I have with them. What I have seen of your artist books, looks amazing! Wonderful embelishment, colors and textures! Your self portrait, with allusion to being born in Nebraska, and growing up in California, and New Mexico is rich in both image and descriptive detail (including the lovely line-portrait of Atticus!). Thank you, so much, for sharing, and enjoy your day on Seth's blog!