Thursday, November 19

From one book . . .

I have a good friend who goes nuts when I tear apart a book for an art project.
I won't say that I was driven by that fact, but I did hope she'd be pleased that I used the elements from this one book in three projects.

They are for a gift.
Except they're not for her.

They're for my friend and step mom who is a wonderful cook and is always copying a recipe.
There's a hand-written recipe under the green glass that was on one of the blank pages of the original book. Glued between the glass and cover and surrounded by a leather cord, it may dry (revealing the printing) in . . . oh, say . . . FIVE years.


  1. Love it! You are so very creative, Leslie! What a thoughtful gift!

  2. 5 years!

    get out!


    secretly i love
    how you are making
    Someone Wait 4 the message
    but I would be so impatient
    if that was
    for me...

    {{ the fork and spoon
    on the cover---->
    uber cool! }}

  3. Dear Stiffie:

    I sat and watched you create each of these incredible objects d'art. Following no pattern nor guide, inerringly matching concepts to color, and mating metal to paper and glass.

    More than a creative process, it seemed like a ritual to me, in which you sensed the essence of each element before working it into its place. And each was done when you said, "There."

    Only I know that the ancient recipe under the antique glass is for Rice Crispie Treats, written in the hand of Lady Macbeth.

    I will tell no one.


    The man in the office adjacent to the kitchen, in which you are now reading this.


  4. what a fabulous gift, Leslie, just beautiful work!

  5. Leslie, I'm with your friend. I cringe to see books torn apart, no matter the reason. But seeing your work? I guess I can handle it, as your "repurposing" is nothing short of brilliant and talented. Wish I had your imagination!!

  6. All three of the books you made are wonderful, and I'm sure they will be cherished and well used by the recipients! I love the title "We Eat To Live" :-)

  7. Hey Leslie,
    So that's what you did with those elements you showed earlier. Love the mystery recipe to show up at another time.
    Those old cook books are fun to explore just because. Nice coptic


  8. Leslie,
    How fun! I'm just loving the metal work... Karen's just inspiring us all. :)

  9. Very cool and very thoughtfully altered cookbook, Leslie ! I am sure your stepmom will love it when you give it to her - even if she has to wait 5 years ! ;)
    Have a great weekend !

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  11. Beautiful piece, Leslie. I love how you are making the copper your own.

  12. The mystery recipe is such a neat idea!! I'd be at it with a blow dryer though as I'd be too impatient to wait 5 years!! :) You're so creative

  13. Love this recipe book!

    I, too, have heard the hue and cry about not tearing up books. OK. So just what does one do with books that are disintegrating? Or the subject matter is way outdated (Lady MacBeth rice krispie treats - LOL!!)? Can't possibly store all these forever, can we?? -- where??

    I posted pics on my blog last week of some books I found at a thrift store. Falling apart, discolored, torn, loads of foxing, smelly -- just what is one to do with them? Give them to the thrift store to sell?? Which someone did. OK. Fair game now.

  14. so what did C think of her new books?

  15. Love them especially the first piece. It is such a delight to watch your books develop into masterpieces. I think Jack was hinting at u making the rice krispie treats... xo

  16. Each and every book you make is such a treasure!! And so personal and unique too!

  17. I'm with your friend - can't do the altered book thing, nor even use parts of old books for other projects. I cringe at the thought of tearing apart any vintage book!
    I do admire your finished pieces though!

  18. I've been paging up and down to see the 'before' shot of the cover compared to the finished product. It's interesting to see what it started as and how it was finished. Very cool.

  19. HA! What a wait... five years!

    This is yummy yummy.

  20. What a beautiful book... and the way you take it apart and put it back together... I wish I could hold it in my own hands... have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your dear ones... roxanne

  21. The books you have made look fantastic.

    Renee xoxo

  22. I like what you did Leslie. Shhuuu
    Don't tell anyone, but I too tear up and recreate books. I must sneak, as it hurts people like my husband to think!!