Sunday, November 15

Make Believe

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Terry Stone again, catching a glimpse of her creative process and viewing her most recent work.
You may remember when I first featured Terry's work -- almost two years ago.

All of the Santas, elves and fairies in those photos were created by Terry.
While her work has always been driven by fantasy and her wonderful imagination,
these days she's working from fairy-tale characters as well.
Just imagine the negotiations between the frog and this princess.
I love the character she gives her dolls' clay faces, but she doesn't stop there. Each of her figures is dressed either in antique clothing and shoes or clothing made from vintage fabric.

Every little detail is thought out.
Sweet Puck's face.
Alice's dismay.
Gosh, I love her face.
We came home with two of Terry's figures. Carolyn adopted this precious fairy -- her first doll, even though she introduced me to this incredible artist years ago . . .
and my fairy godmother, based on Terry's own grandmother.

While I'm no fairy godmother, I am thrilled to be a memaw and delighted to add Terry's likeness of her own grandmother to my growing collection of her work!
This is the beginning stage of something I'm working on.


  1. oh my! these faces are so expressive! the eyes!! xo

  2. so expressive !!! fantastic art work
    have a nice day

  3. those dolls, especially that fairy godmother. Beautiful work!

    And love the sneak peek into your work...mmm...delicious :)

  4. Terry Stone's work is wonderful! I'm in awe of her ability to take a basic art supply (imagine it wrapped up, sitting on a shelf in an arts & crafts supply store) and then create something so magical with so much personality! I mean really, they look like they are breathing! Wow.

  5. Gosh! I'm astounded by the detail and talent. I LOVE the fairy godmother! How cute!! Thanks for showing her off again (first time for me!).

  6. Her dolls are amazing. How fantastic are they.

    Love Renee xoxo

  7. The detail in the faces is incredible. They're warm and friendly not at all creepy like some some I've seen. These are beautiful.

  8. Stunning and, each has it's own personality oozing out!!

  9. Incredible facial expressions.
    hmmmmm, looking forward to the new book.

  10. yes - they breathe!!!
    and a new book too!?!

    wow Leslie...

    xox - eb.

  11. Leslie, I love the faces on these dolls... especially the sweet grand-ma and there clothes too... but I really love seeing your new project... the cover is wonderful, I have gone back to look at it several times already! roxanne

  12. These dolls are exquisite! Such wonderous expressions. I looked at her web site and fell in love with her Santas. Wish I could afford to buy one!

  13. Love that little sneak of your latest project at the end, there!

    These dolls are really stand-outs. The expressions and attention to detail, just great. Thanks for sharing this artist.

  14. Thank you for the introduction to this brilliant doll maker. The faces are incomparable. Wow.

  15. please take me with you next time! I'd love to see all her things and maybe bring one home with me. :-D

  16. Geez those are amazing dolls! Your book looks interesting Leslie!

  17. Dear Leslie,
    Thank you for introducing me to Terry and her work. Especially the frog and the fairy speak to me!!!