Wednesday, November 11

Queen for a Day!

Today we celebrate the art and heart of Susanna. Her Winged Messengers have traveled all over the world, because she had a vision and she made it happen. Yes, Susanna, you are a work of art.
I took one of her Winged Messengers with me to Italy. From my room in Cortona, I was reminded to "Call her." I brought my messenger home where it sits in my studio, because I may need to see this message again.
But Susanna generously leaves her messages here and there, no doubt bringing smiles to those who see her creations.
And yes, they may just change lives.
Thanks Susanna!

Thanks to Angie for organizing this tribute (visit her for more) and to Shin for designing our invitation/button.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to SUPER SUSANNA!

  2. wonderful photos,
    warm observations, leslie.


    i am so happy 2 C
    i am not the only one
    who cannot leave my wings!

    mind fly over my computer
    and occasionally out the door
    the street
    to remind me 2...

  3. Simply beautiful Leslie

    - thank you for your help and involvement - I couldn't have done this without all of you.

  4. Love your photos too, you girls just keep me amazing that everybody has such a different style, I love that and I love to meet new people, thanks to Susanna in the end!

  5. Susanna changed my life.
    I met you Leslie!

  6. ps
    Beautiful photographs! Always your photos are unbelievable, Leslie!

  7. I am having such fun reading all these stories. Wings in Italy! Your pictures are terrific. I still have my wings too and am waiting for the perfect time to release them. I also love their message. "You will be Okay", something I like to read each day!

  8. "call her" isn't that just beautiful!
    what a heart warming party this is.

  9. Great photo of Susanna, you captured her special, mischievious look!!

  10. Your photos tell the story of Susanna and her wings. There is nothing like you photos, Leslie!!! Her smile, her heart. The way her wings take over hearts and landscapes everywhere.




  11. the pictures are beautiful. I love the colours, very strong.

  12. I am just sighing thinking about you in Italy. Ok, really, thinking about me in Italy. And smiling thinking of you seeing a message, picking up the phone, and calling her. I've got to go. I need to call my Mom.

  13. Leslie, you crack me up. I can just imagine you thinking that. Thank you for taking my winged messenger to Italy with you. That makes me so happy!

    I'm so glad that we met through Karen Cole. It's evident here that you are a talented photographer. Your photographs of your grandson and your poocheroo are a delight to see. I'm telling you, portaiture could be a whole new career for you. You are GOOD!

    Plus, behind your sweet smile and demeanor, you have a TERRIFIC sense of humour. I'm glad that we met.:)

  14. How wonderful those are and what a brilliant idea.

    You have a fantastic blog.

    Renee xoxo

  15. I am Susanna's SIL and think she is pretty amazing too. I am LOVING your blog. The photos are just spectacular. She has told me about you and your blog before and she was right! I am enjoying myself so much. I love that girl like she is my sister. Thank You for having this special tribute for her.