Friday, December 18

An Artful Day

Kiran is not a boy who's content to sit around. He likes to be doing something every minute.
This morning I was ready for him with Play-Doh, colored pencils and two trays of watercolors.
That and a craft apron armed with paintbrushes.
Oh yes, we made art today!
This is only going to become more fun!

Wednesday, December 9


In September, I was fortunate to attend Squam Art Workshops with three good friends. The experience was amazing, and sharing it with these ladies made it perfect.
As we left New Hampshire, we vowed to extend the magical feeling of shared wonder in a Round Robin book exchange.
Four books are currently flying around the East Coast.
Above are some photos of my book - eARTh. Just today Karen's book landed on my doorstep and I can't wait to work in it -- the first manifestation (I've seen) of my friends' work. It's awesome and inspiring.

Check back.

Tuesday, December 1

The boys are back . . .

It's been two months since Kiran spent the entire day here.And we've missed those days.

Today was an exception. Kiran was here all day while his mom enjoyed some girl time with his sister and ran some errands.Clearly these guys were happy to see each other!

To celebrate, we made dog cookies.
Kiran enjoyed the stirring and the cutting, but he kept looking around and commenting, "Mess!"

Yes, indeed. Mess.
But it was fun.
And the fruits of our mess were very much appreciated by 'Aa' and 'Cout.'