Tuesday, December 1

The boys are back . . .

It's been two months since Kiran spent the entire day here.And we've missed those days.

Today was an exception. Kiran was here all day while his mom enjoyed some girl time with his sister and ran some errands.Clearly these guys were happy to see each other!

To celebrate, we made dog cookies.
Kiran enjoyed the stirring and the cutting, but he kept looking around and commenting, "Mess!"

Yes, indeed. Mess.
But it was fun.
And the fruits of our mess were very much appreciated by 'Aa' and 'Cout.'


  1. oh my gosh, that is so darling! i just love all of you! your sweet dog, your lovely grandson and you!

  2. missed seeing you today but so glad to see these 2 together again!

  3. oh, that nose!!

    two months?! that's a long time!

    it's good to be here again, myself.

  4. Hi Leslie.
    Mess? Yes.......BUT what a blast! So glad you could get together with your handsome little guy, and furry friend to make some biscuits!

    And,what fabulous photographs you share. I notice Karin's transformation, even from the shot on your banner. It is exciting.


  5. you are so blessed! what awesome boys!

  6. Dear Stiffie:

    The headache that had been tormenting me through the predawn stillness had subsided to the intensity of original sin (which I have long-since been prepared to deal with), when I heard, "Atticus, no! Kiran, put that down!"

    Then I heard a camera clicking 50 times in rapid succession, followed by the legendary musical MeeMaw laugh that makes me putty in your hands... And I knew the circus was again in town.

    Dragging myself downstairs like the ghost of misspent youth -- burdened with a number of deadlines -- I was confronted with a kid, a MeeMaw, and a dog covered in flour.

    My first thought was to demand, "What's going on here?"

    What came out of my mouth was: "Who wants to ride up to Amish country and look at horses, buggies, and steam trains?"

    "Choo Choo," said Kiran.

    The kid's a genius. I spent the afternoon stealing glances at a grandma.

    The Man In The Front Room Attached to The Kitchen In Which You are Talking to DeeDee Warren on The Phone.

    PS: The "cookies" smelled of molasses and cinnamon. I ate two before I realized why they were shaped like bones. There is a never a second without a punchline around you.

  7. Snickers at Jack. Kinda like the Lysol wipes you thought were for your hiney?

    That boy's adorable and Atticus needn't ask twice for my heart.

    I will never bake dog treats though.


  8. Whoops. That above was me. Dee

    It's late.

  9. I love that! Good photos and I really, really love the last one!

  10. Oh!!! it is so good to see those two together again. Lovely mess :) and tasty results...I see that Jack can attest to that :)

  11. Seriously he is the most adorable little boy.

    Love Renee xoxo

  12. What a great day for the 3 of you! Any chance you'll share the dog treat recipe?

  13. ohohoh...

    the dog-nose-to-dog-treats shot
    OWNS my heart!


    {{ why do you do that
    2 me Every Single Time?
    i am such a sucker
    for your
    heart*melting photos. }}

    clearly K needs
    2 visit more often...

  14. PS---
    That Jack!


    i love him from afar, 2.

    """There is a never a second
    without a punchline around you"""


    my heart melts ALL the live-long day
    over here at your house...

  15. So delighted to see the Beauty-full boys again!
    Thank you!

  16. Whomever said that dogs have no emotions has clearly never looked into a dog's face, let alone actually been owned by one! Atticus is smitten with Kiran! And Kiran looks like he returns the sentiment! ;-)

    Oh, and Leslie? Please let Jack know that Ron likes to sample the dog treats I make...on purpose...

  17. Priceless Leslie...your photography, your boys and your Jack...


  18. Buster says yum yum
    I want some too!

  19. Oh Leslie... these are wonderful... what handsome tenderness... and your "man in the next room" is adorable too. roxanne

  20. Glad to see Kiran is back, I miss those great photos of the two of them. Would you mind sharing the dog cookie recipe?

  21. Amazing pictures, Leslie!
    The cooks looks delicious!