Wednesday, December 9


In September, I was fortunate to attend Squam Art Workshops with three good friends. The experience was amazing, and sharing it with these ladies made it perfect.
As we left New Hampshire, we vowed to extend the magical feeling of shared wonder in a Round Robin book exchange.
Four books are currently flying around the East Coast.
Above are some photos of my book - eARTh. Just today Karen's book landed on my doorstep and I can't wait to work in it -- the first manifestation (I've seen) of my friends' work. It's awesome and inspiring.

Check back.


  1. Another sensational book! It is a true beauty!!

  2. Beautiful book...I cant believe that wonderful binding! Looks like this will be a fantastic Round Robin.

    Jacky xox

    p.s. loved the earlier post and the doggie biscuit baking day. Gorgeous photos of Keiren and you beautiful dog.

  3. a really wonderful book and such a great tribute to good art friendships..

  4. I can testify to its glorious loveliness - sitting right here...
    dreaming eARTh dreams...

    xox - eb.

  5. Luna would like your recipe for Boone
    cookies and tea - mmmmmmmmmmm...

    xox - eb.

  6. leslie,

    what a beautiful binding! and i love the cut out window in the cover. great job!

  7. Jack Riepe said...
    Dear Stiffie:

    I watched this book being born in both the studio and the kitchen. First the basic treatment of the covers... Then the metal work... And finally, layer after layer of color mixed and affixed to each page.

    I knew better than to talk during this process. But I was grateful you let me breathe.

    The Man In The Room Adjacent To The Kitchen, Where You are Practicing To Be A Life Coach To The Dogs

  8. This is beautiful, Leslie. Not only are you a talented photographer but you're also a gifted book designer. I'm looking forward to seeing the pages you'll create for Karen, Isabel and Eb's books.

  9. The binding and color, the beautiful pages...I will wait "patiently" (not) until I can feel your book with my hands and experience its magic.

    Your work is always so layered and perfectly made. You are an artist my dear.



  10. i find these photos
    2 B yummy, leslie.


    i love how you all carried the magical feeling
    of the workshop
    beyond New Hampshire
    are sharing it here...

    i do not have to miss a thing
    and my heART is happy...

  11. this is a gorgeous work of art... I love the large maple leaf cut in half with your writing around it... I wish fall could last longer... roxanne

  12. Fantastic work of art, Leslie! Very creative indeed.

    Love your new header/banner.

    Have a lovely Sunday.

  13. How beautiful ! From how it came together, to the women who are creating it, to the incredible documents themselves.
    Can't wait to see more !
    Happy Sunday, Leslie !

  14. Dear Leslie,
    What a great group you have to do your round robin with! Lovely theme too!
    Your work is always impeccable and soulful. Delighted to have the chance to peek.
    I liked seeing Isabel's book too!
    Hugs to you and the puppidogs!