Monday, January 25

A little sketchy . . .

My drawing talent I mean.I've always admired those artists who could fill art journals with sketches of people, places and things.

I'm not one of those people.So, I recently signed up for Misty Mawn's online workshop Drawing and Painting Portraits.And suddenly, an eye kind of looks like an eye! A nose, a little like a nose . . . and a mouth . . . well, you get the picture.This is probably only impressive when you know that three days ago, the faces I drew looked like this.

(The blue marks are because these sketches are part of my class notes.)

There's still time. Sign up here.

Thursday, January 14

Meanwhile, back at the Nile . . .

Three years ago, before I started blogging -- I cannot believe that I haven't been doing this for decades -- my dad and I took a trip to Fiji and New Zealand with his alumni group from USC.

On our way west, we spent several days as guests of my father's friend at his home in Rancho Mirage. Tony, who had recently returned from a trip to Egypt, could not have been more gracious.
I intended to come home from our vacation and put together a little gift for Tony using photographs from his trip . . .

Except I didn't.
It took me three years to get around to this project. And it will be the most overdue 'thank-you' a person has ever received. I'm pretty sure of that.

Anyway . . . this little Egyptian cigarette tin holds a small coptic-bound book that is filled with Tony's photos and room to record his thoughts about the trip. I just hope he remembers the details after so long!
This is another glimpse of the round robin I've been working on.

Mandalas. That's the theme.

Saturday, January 9


I have an idea, and I hate to give it up today, because I also love a surprise. But, I'm working on a round robin. . .

Well, anyway. Here's a glimpse.

Tuesday, January 5

This table is a microcosm of my life

Looking for a flat service, in a warm room, to work on my laptop, I searched my kitchen table and laughed out loud when I realized what a snapshot of my life this table displays. (I'm typing from the kitchen counter.)

1. I ordered a cowboy hat for Kiran's dress-up trunk before Christmas, but it just arrived yesterday. Actually, three of them arrived. The invoice was for one. Maybe they came in lots of three. Who knows. I need to take this/these over to their house.

2. The Christmas angel I lent to a friend. She dropped it off last night and deposited it on this table. I'll take it down to the basement with the other decorations I've yet to put away, like ALL of them, including the tablecloth, the three poinsettias and the elf hanging from the chandelier (you can just see his shadow in this photo).

3. A round robin project that is due to be mailed January 15 and a few things I last used -- and think I might still need, to complete my submission.

4. A vintage rhinestone bracelet that I plan to add some charms to. I'll get to it. Hopefully I won't put it away again without doing that.

5. Photos of my grandkids that I printed out to mail to my mom.

6. A Keith Smith book -- Books Without Paste or Glue. I'm going to make some of those.

7. The Netflix movie -- Four Christmases -- it'll still be funny.

8. My 2004 Canadian tax return. No, I'm not Canadian, but I used to go there.

9. My camera.

This mess on the table, it's my life.

Saturday, January 2

Blue eyed girl . . .

. . . they're blue now, but we won't know for sure for another six months or so. They may turn that beautiful brown that her brother's did.