Saturday, January 2

Blue eyed girl . . .

. . . they're blue now, but we won't know for sure for another six months or so. They may turn that beautiful brown that her brother's did.


  1. and they are gorgeous! what a great shot! you really captured the being in that little body!!!

  2. She is beautiful!!!
    But she has that look, what are you doing? Guess her brother hasn't told her about your love for taking pictures. She has no idea how lucky she is...
    Looking forward to a wonderful year of following your grandchildren's adventures in life.

  3. ahhhh...
    There she is!


    kisses 2
    little miss sugar-N-spice ♥

  4. She is so pretty and so delicious!
    A gorgeous photo, Lesley
    Happy New Year to you all!

  5. Hi Leslie,
    What a AMAZING photo of your teeny little sweetie pie! YOU are so good!
    Love this shot!

    Happy New Year!
    May ALL of your dreams come true. For you and those you love too!!!

  6. Those look like they are here to stay!


  7. Leslie, what a little beauty she is.... roxanne

  8. What a fresh faced little one she is!! Full of wonder...

  9. that skin - alabaster, radiant. Your photography captured it. wow.

  10. What a beautiful angel! Sending wishes for a healthy and peace-filled year ahead.... Deb

  11. beautiful! When our Cat was born, she had grayish blue eyes. As mine are hazel and Paul's are brown,we kept wondering for months about the presence of the recessed gene. I'm almost sure that beautiful blue color is here to stay. My Cat's did.

    Your grandchildren and just BEAUTIFUL!

  12. Leslie, both of my boys were born with brown eyes. Brent's are hazel, mine are green. BOTH boys are brown. From the womb!!!
    When Lillie was born, she mewed like a kitten and everyone cried because she was a girl... I squealed in absolute rapture when she looked up at me for the first time and I said out loud "she has BLUE eyes!!!"
    Now at 8, she has the most perfect grey/green/slate blue eyes. The color I dreamed of having... wishing with just one wish to have those eyes!!
    What gets me are Sophie's lips... perfectly cherubic in every way!!! Oh so many kisses!!!

  13. Wow! Sophie eyes looks gorgeous!
    Amazing picture, Leslie!

  14. See?

    That's all that's necessary.

  15. You are a master at photographing children. This could be sold commercially.

    I was blown away by the post for the round, OH YEAH that's a great Mandala....but I got LOST looking into those eyes.....little mandalas themselves.

    Miss you.