Tuesday, January 5

This table is a microcosm of my life

Looking for a flat service, in a warm room, to work on my laptop, I searched my kitchen table and laughed out loud when I realized what a snapshot of my life this table displays. (I'm typing from the kitchen counter.)

1. I ordered a cowboy hat for Kiran's dress-up trunk before Christmas, but it just arrived yesterday. Actually, three of them arrived. The invoice was for one. Maybe they came in lots of three. Who knows. I need to take this/these over to their house.

2. The Christmas angel I lent to a friend. She dropped it off last night and deposited it on this table. I'll take it down to the basement with the other decorations I've yet to put away, like ALL of them, including the tablecloth, the three poinsettias and the elf hanging from the chandelier (you can just see his shadow in this photo).

3. A round robin project that is due to be mailed January 15 and a few things I last used -- and think I might still need, to complete my submission.

4. A vintage rhinestone bracelet that I plan to add some charms to. I'll get to it. Hopefully I won't put it away again without doing that.

5. Photos of my grandkids that I printed out to mail to my mom.

6. A Keith Smith book -- Books Without Paste or Glue. I'm going to make some of those.

7. The Netflix movie -- Four Christmases -- it'll still be funny.

8. My 2004 Canadian tax return. No, I'm not Canadian, but I used to go there.

9. My camera.

This mess on the table, it's my life.


  1. I have to say that the mess on YOUR table is SO much more interesting than the mess on mine!! And better-looking, too!

  2. Wonderfully atmospheric, your table. I just found you via Judy's redvelvet, I'm so pleased I came to visit. Every surface in my house seems to be covered with either my stuff or my grand daughters' stuff, maybe I'll borrow Julie Prichard's title and say they're all layered with love. Happy New Year, Carol

  3. Dear Stiffie:

    So many people go through life by the numbers... Yet in this picture, you have given a number to certain elements on the table, each of which represents a chapter in a book that you rewrite everyday.

    And look at the chapters... Kiran's cowboy hat (There's a new sherif in town.)... Traces of holiday spirit... Material for art in progress... Moments of light and time captured in a camera... Antique jewelry that will see new life in future artwork... And the work of an author to open your horizons.

    Some people see a cluttered table. Others will see a self portrait.

  4. I have a table just like that! but no cowboy hats....

  5. And it looks like a very good life indeed.


  6. Nice and colorfull table, Leslie!
    Looks you have many interesting things to do.

  7. You are a brave woman. But then, I got that feeling a long time ago! Look at you, watching Christmas movies after Christmas! We watched Muppet Christmas Carol a few days ago. But I see that there is nothing on this table labeled, 'Give to favorite blog commentor'. hm....

    The kitchen table at my house is so PACKED with stuff that we have to eat on the coffee table. This is because we know how to prioritize. And so do you!!

  8. Your table looks nice and colorful! Sounds you have many interesting things to do.

  9. You are well rounded but still pretty tidy if you ask me !
    Hope you have a cozy weekend - maybe playing some cowboy games ?;)

  10. That's the best when who is are is right out there for everyone to see!!


  11. Hi,
    love reading your blog.

  12. hahahahaha...
    this looks similar 2 my life!


    {{ don't you ever wonder how folks
    can say they R bored?
    i just do not get the bored concept,
    i do NOT... }}

    keep on going with your numbers
    every day,
    one little bit

  13. What a great post... yes I can see your life here. I love the cowboy hat and the red plaid. happy wednesday to you, it's raining here, but not dark yet. I can feel the days getting longer. roxanne