Thursday, January 14

Meanwhile, back at the Nile . . .

Three years ago, before I started blogging -- I cannot believe that I haven't been doing this for decades -- my dad and I took a trip to Fiji and New Zealand with his alumni group from USC.

On our way west, we spent several days as guests of my father's friend at his home in Rancho Mirage. Tony, who had recently returned from a trip to Egypt, could not have been more gracious.
I intended to come home from our vacation and put together a little gift for Tony using photographs from his trip . . .

Except I didn't.
It took me three years to get around to this project. And it will be the most overdue 'thank-you' a person has ever received. I'm pretty sure of that.

Anyway . . . this little Egyptian cigarette tin holds a small coptic-bound book that is filled with Tony's photos and room to record his thoughts about the trip. I just hope he remembers the details after so long!
This is another glimpse of the round robin I've been working on.

Mandalas. That's the theme.


  1. love that cover. Turq blue is one of my favorite colors - were did the blue scarab come from? Wish I could've seen it in person! Have a wonderful trip to so CA

  2. ohohoh...
    now you have me dreaming
    Nile-ish dreams.

    you are such a tease.


    beautifully executed but even more beautifully designed.

    {{ thanks again
    for turning me on
    to your favorite color combinations;
    the leslie colors
    found every where i look
    now }}

  3. Whoa Leslie.......beautiful work.
    .....looking forward to seeing it in person.

    Have a good trip.

  4. Leslie, You out did yourself, what a beautiful thank you gift. Well worth the wait.

  5. Really wonderful Leslie, the color, the atmosphere of the book and tin,
    just fab...

  6. Overdue though it may be, I'm sure Tony will be thrilled!

  7. just gorgeous and I just don't think a gift is ever long over due!

  8. Really nice! He will love it! My aunt just mailed me a purse as a Thank you gift from over a year ago. It was totally unexpected and really, really made me smile.

  9. beautiful! I second Gay's comment, I wish I could see it in person. Have fun in CA.

  10. I will dream Egyptian dreams tonight with your beautiful coptic bound book dancing in my head.

  11. Beautiful stuff you are working on Lesley - rich in color, texture and imagination. Love it !

  12. Stop it!! This is too good!! I hope you have at least a dozen in your shop.

    Really, this is beautiful.

    You've been blogging only as long as I have? Where have we been all our lives?!

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  14. OH Leslie this are just too die for

  15. Lucky Tony - what a wonderful gift. A really beautiful book, and I love the colours and textures.

  16. Every book you create seems to be my favorite. Tony is very lucky and will be thrilled I am sure to receive this. Great little glimpse too of the round robin piece. Hope we get to see it all at some point!

  17. I love your front photo with your son and your dog on it.

  18. The journal designs are very authentic. I love it.

  19. You have created another book from your heart. Your creative spirit is amazing, and the gifts that you give incredibly beautiful. I love the last photo, the close up of the circle, the symbols and the blues and red. I wish I could see more.... roxanne

  20. I am sure that he will be thrilled. It is outstanding.


  21. In releaseing the dogs to wake up the neighbors at the crack of the dawn the other day, I stumbled upon a shelf filled with your books... Each one representative of a mood, a stage in your life, or an attempt to bind unlike materials in a single expression.

    I really think the time has come for you to create a venue to make these works available to others. The number of people who would like to start collecting your art may astound you.

    Naturally, I'd like first pick. While I'd be delighted to accept one as a present, there is no greater compliment to an artist like paying the "asked for" price.


  22. WOW Leslie,
    Your friend will be SO blown away! Did your dad see this post? Lovely & unbelievable, as is your rr piece!


  23. beautiful Leslie!
    I remember you telling me about this
    and I think that
    I have that same tin...

    30!?! some years ago
    I spent 2 weeks in Egypt
    pondering, dreaming, maybe...

    xox - eb.