Monday, February 1

A very special day

It's someone's birthday . . .
But, thankfully not the birthday when he grabs the keys and says, 'Bye.'

Oh, wait, he did that.

Except he didn't really leave.
This birthday (his second) is more about sharing with friends.
And family.
And thinking up new ways to entertain us during the coming year.

Happy Birthday Kiran!


  1. Awesome! Happy birthday! I love the cake! That is priceless.

  2. There are so many classic pictures of this Kiran in this blog... Yet what makes them super special for us is the context in which they were taken.

    For example, he waited forever to have at that cupcake. The little dents in the icing represent at least twenty attempts to sneak a taste of the treat.

    And the bit with the blank keys was hysterical. He picked them up, jingled them in his hand and said, "Bye." I wondered if he did have a car.

    But not everyone would realize he was at an "Alice In Wonderland Tea Party" in the third shot. The baby doll throwing up her hands so reminded me of the poor doormouse getting dunked into something.

    Sophie is smiling everytime she sees Stiffie. Flowers in the garden do the same thing.

    But the last shot of Kiran is the last one, laden with insight. This kid has plans.

    Great pictures, Stiffie. It's as if the party will go on forever.

  3. Beautiful Photos of 2 Gorgeous kids!! These are great Leslie and tell such a story.

    Thanks for the roofer recommendation too. I still have a leak, so Triple Pine is coming today :)

  4. Happy Birthday Kiran!
    From one of your UK fans!

  5. YAY!!

    especially the candies on the top

  6. haPpy birthdAy, big boy!
    you look so grown up!

    i remember when you were
    a little bean
    over in the sidebar!


    PS--U do have the best smile.
    so suitable for camera*capturing.
    Oh happy day!

    {{ most likely
    the party WILL go on forever... }}

  7. Too cute! Look the looks you captured too. I remember my son's 2nd like it was yesterday. Time flies.

  8. happiest of birthdays for Kiran, so gorgoeus. Love the photos of both the kiddies, you capture their expressions so well.

  9. oh these are just wonderful photos and something tells me this boy has big plans in store! your eally captured magic with these! xo

  10. HOW adorable your sweeties are! Happy Birthday to Kiran. Looks like that "Special Grin" runs in the family!!
    What a wonderful celebration!
    Leslie and Jack,
    My mom and I have NOT heard of Twa Caribes AND she is an information person! We cannot find it online. Could you please send.
    Could it be Two Corbies??
    Sending you a photo in a sec.

  11. Wow!! has time flown by!!

    Happy HAPPY birthday Kiran!!

  12. Hello, Leslie! I found your blog by accident and have been visiting ever since. :)

    Happy birthday, Kiran!

    Love from Malaysia.

  13. happy belated Birthday Kiran!!!
    And sweet kisses to Sophie for being a beautiful little spirit that will give K a run for his money!!!
    And big hugs to Leslie--all from Texas!!